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Jurassic World Colossal Carnotaurus Toro Dinosaur Action Figure Camp Cretaceous & Dominion Strike ‘N Roar Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Action Figure with Motion and Sound

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The coloration of the two Carnotaurus in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are likely influenced by the two Carnotaurus from the Jurassic Park toy line by Kenner. The first Carnotaurus has a color scheme that resembles the "Bonebreaker" from Series 1 of The Lost World, while the second Carnotaurus has a coloration that is nearly identical to the "Demon" from Series 2 of Jurassic Park.

In scrapped concept art for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, a hybrid of Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Nothronychus appeared. Despite the change in the final version, the dent seen on the van matches Toro's head shape, not the Indominus rex's. Xiaosaurus • Xiaotingia • Xinathodon • Xiphactinus • Xuanhanosaurus • Xuanhuaceratops —— Yandusaurus • Yangchuanosaurus • Yaverlandia • Yingshanosaurus • Yinlong • Yudon • Yunnanosaurus • Yutyrannus • Yuxisaurus —— Zalmonodon • Zalmoxes • Zapalasaurus • Zephyrosaurus • Zhejiangopterus • Zhuchengtyrannus • Zizhongosaurus • Zuniceratops • ZupaysaurusThe horns of Carnotaurus look something like those of a bull - and like a bull, it may have used them in contests with others of its own species. In this way, two Carnotaurus could test each other's strength without either of them seriously injuring the other. [1]

It is presumed that Toro still resides on Mantah Corp Island during the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World: Dominion, which has been turned into a dinosaur sanctuary that only a few individuals know about. Hadrosaurus • Hainosaurus • Hallucigenia • Halticosaurus • Haplocanthosaurus • Harpymimus • Hatzegopteryx • Hauffiosaurus • Helicoprion • Henodus • Herrerasaurus • Hesperornis • Hesperosaurus • Heterodontosaurus • Heyuannia • Hieraaetus/Harpagornis Haast maximus • Histriasaurus • Homalocephale • Hoplitosaurus • Huaxiaosaurus • Huayangosaurus • Hulsanpes • Hyaenodon • Hybodus • Hylaeosaurus • Hynecoprion • Hyneria • Hypacrosaurus • Hypsilophodon With the release of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, it has become a popular fan theory that the scarred Carnotaurus at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is Toro, the male Carnotaurus from said series.

Qantassaurus • Qianzhousaurus • Quaesitosaurus • Quetzalcoatlus • Quetzorion • Quilmesaurus —— Rajakylosaurus • Rajasaurus • Rajastega • Rapator • Rapetosaurus • Raphus Death Dodo • Rauisuchus • Rebbachisaurus • Regaliceratops • Repenomamus • Rhabdodon • Rhamphorhynchus • Rhinesuchus • Rhinoprotodon • Rhizodus • Rhoetosaurus • Rhomaleosaurus • Rhombodus • Rinchenia • Rinchicyon • Riojasaurus • Robertosaurus • Rugops • Rutiodon Had this been kept in the finalized version, this would marked the first time Toro had successfully killed a human, as well as being the first Carnotaurus in the film canon to do so. However, this would eventually happen in " The Last Stand", in which Toro killed a mercenary after being freed from mind-control.

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