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M.E.B.A. Membership

MEBA—by Eddie Copeland

One of the key purposes of our association is to provide help and support to any member who might be in need of assistance whether that assistance is financial, social or practical. Our Association is many things to many people: A sense of belonging Friendship Community, family even. Opportunity to reminisce. Meet new people Enjoy a laugh Do something for others Raise funds and Support each other.

One of the sad parts of being a member is when we find out that a member of the association cannot attend meetings through ill health, bereavement or other reason. One thing I would ask members to do this year is to look out for any members who seem to drop off the radar, lets keep an eye out for these people who might need some help (even if that help is no more than the fact we remember them), lets make our maxim this year, we never forget our members.

Therefore I would ask us all to keep a watchful eye on each other and let’s provide the sort of support where members can say, I haven’t been forgotten.   If you know of anyone who you think needs to be remembered, please let us know. Our welfare officer Eddie Cartwright along with the committee will always try and meet a members needs, however you can do your bit by, one; letting us know of who may need help and two; get in touch with members you haven’t heard from in a while, put the word about, live the maxim, no member is forgotten!

One Response to M.E.B.A. Membership

  • Eddie Sinclair says:

    Have spoke with Bert Daly a few times over the last couple of weeks and hes doing fine. – He asked to be remembered to you all and hopes that you enjoy your Weekend at Blackpool. —– ***To the newcomers to the MEBA monthly meetings / Bert is 91 years young and has been a MEBA member since the mid 1950s – He was a former PR committee member and had lots of his “work” published in the Old Timers page of Boxing News which was run in those days by Ron Olver. – Thanks to Kenny Baker, Bert was able to attend a couple of the meetings in the past 12 months and was also at the 2011 MEBA Xmas party.*** – June 22, 2012