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Construction waste eccentric shaft and bearing repair

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For the construction waste crusher, any failures that occur, or any damage to the parts, need to be handled in a timely manner. The purpose of this treatment is to restore the performance of the equipment, inside the equipment. The eccentric shaft and the bearing bush play an important role, and the two play a great role in production, but at work, the two will also wear or damage, which needs to be processed in time, here Let us introduce the maintenance methods of these two parts.
First of all, if the shaft of the construction waste crusher wears less, we can repair it by turning the lathe, mainly to repair its geometry, but reduce the diameter of the bearing hole accordingly, and In production, if the operation is performed several times, when the reduced size reaches 5%, the operation cannot be performed because the parts repaired by this operation cannot meet the equipment. The work process, the need to replace the shaft;
Secondly, the construction waste crusher works under impact load. The service life of the babbitt-lined bushing is limited. Once it exceeds the specified period, it needs to be recast. If the eccentric shaft is If the gap between the bearing bushes is 1.5 times, it needs to be adjusted or replaced. If the oil groove is 1.5 mm, the oil groove should be re-adjusted. When machining the bearing bush, the following requirements must be met: the surface of the babbitt should be uniform in color. Matt, silvery white, should not have ash, cracks, blisters, shrinkage holes and other shelling phenomena;
The article mainly introduces the maintenance of the eccentric shaft and bearing bush of the construction waste crusher. The above analysis of this problem is more detailed, mainly from two aspects, and introduces the eccentric shaft of the machine and the maintenance method of the bearing bush failure. And the timing of its replacement, as well as the requirements that the bearing bush needs to meet during processing. These aspects are all to help the construction waste crusher to work better. It is a few aspects that we can't ignore in production.

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