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Autumn winter solstice, red leaves as expected. The mountains are all over the fields, and the layers of forests are dyed. If the flames are burning, the girls in red dress dance. The mountain wind blew, the red wave squirmed, and the Wan Ye was awkward, and it was so charming that it made people think and limit. Before and after the winter, the most spectacular scenery is the red leaves that live in the mountains. Some of the leaves are like mellow wines, and suddenly become light red, red, purple, and the beauty of the frost. Some of the yellow glittering gold is full of branches; some red dragonfly, such as the red blood, dyes the valley; some fog is like a cloud like a cloud around the mountains. The color of this life Parliament Cigarettes, a drop of infiltration into the veins, infiltrating bright colors, adding a lot of graceful memories to this gradual depression season, the red leaves of the hometown are the most simple and dignified, with its extremely short petiole Carton Of Cigarettes, flexible veins It grows on the branches and maintains affinity with the mother. It is also unique, although it is an ordinary ellipse, the teeth can not show the rules, but it is more common in civilians. It faces the cliffs of Baizhang, and it insists that the green hills are not relaxed. The stone and rock fluids of Cannes are more flourishing and strong; it is friends with the cliff eagle, listening to the waterfalls, clearing songs, containing and keeping things, not sloppy, enduring loneliness Red is so charming and good. Throughout the ages, countless Sao people have left many popular poems of Hongye. Wanmu withered, when Danfeng was burning, Du Fu said, "The wind and the green wall are solitary, and the back of the Danfeng Wanmu is withered," and the reddish leaves of the frosty red leaves are more beautiful. Yang Wanli��s ��Yellow-leaf New Yellow Persimmon Leaf Red, and more Wuhuan and Danfeng�� depicts the autumn landscape of the mountain village, which is in full swing and red leaves. His other "Hongye" poem: "Xiao Feng steals the wine in the night, but Qian is so lonely," and turns the autumn maple into a red one to describe it as "stealing wine". It is wonderful. And Wang Shizhen��s ��West Wind is tight, North Yannan is flying, Xiaolai who is dyed with Fenglin��, a ��drunk�� image vividly shows the color of the maple leaf. The poems depicting the red leaves are all the most famous ones. First of all, the late Tang poet Du Mu's "mountain line": "After the cold mountain stone path oblique, there are people in Baiyunsheng. Parking is sitting in love Fenglin night, frosty leaves are red in February." The poet uses a clear and moving brush to describe a fascinating picture of the late autumn when the clouds circulate around the mountains, the maple leaves are red, the sunset and the red maples are interesting, thus becoming the swan song of the ages. The days of snow and snow are coming soon, and the beautiful red leaves will turn into a flying red butterfly that inhabits the earth. But I appreciate the elegance of the red leaves. It floats freely in the wind Newport 100S, showing the last romantic flow in the stage of the blue sky and the earth. When I once again picked up a piece of red leaves, and gently and slowly boasted with the breath of human beings, I couldn��t help but pick up the long-lasting verse that ��falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning into a spring mud to protect the flowers and affectionate red leaves with sensation The way is presented in front of people, the dark fragrance bursts, the red light glimpses, sent away the bleak autumn, burning a dream of the early winter.
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