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Yu Xuan is the youngest son of the uncle's fourth brother Wholesale Cigarettes. The couple were born in violation of family planning in their 30s, and they were ten years younger than their eldest son. The uncle has five children and no daughter. The uncle's five sons gave birth to eight grandchildren and three grandchildren. Yu Xuan is the youngest. Now he is in the third grade of elementary school, and the biggest grandson is married and has children. The uncle's cousins ??and couples go out to work in Guangdong every year, and the children are staying at their hometown. According to the aunt, so many children, all of them grow strong and strong like cows, others seem to be difficult to bring, once In the hands of Aunt, it is healthy. Although the aunt is not very hygienic and embarrassed, according to superstition, there is a great fate. The four brothers and the four sisters and their eldest son went to work in the Guangdong construction site this spring Newport Cigarettes. They originally thought that their uncle and aunt were old and sick Parliament Cigarettes. They should not stay in Yuxuan at home, but consider the character of Yu Xuan. Reluctantly tempered, or helplessly stocking in the aunt's home in my hometown, the young and middle-aged people who go out to work can be more, the children are left to the elderly, the old man only eats and wears, no one tutoring, the village primary school The teaching effect can be imagined, so the children in this village are eager to send to the school. Yu Xuan is no exception. Every day, I go to a primary school outside Wuliuli Road to go to school. I eat at a relative's house at noon and come back in the afternoon. The aunt did not know the words, and the uncle was also a blind man, and could not help the children's study. This summer, my fourth brother came back from Guangdong and saw that Yu Xuan was doing nothing like a cattle and sheep grazing freely. I hope that my uncle, who is a teacher, can introduce a primary school teacher to take a class. I said that this is not very good, because Yu Xuan's temper is very staunch, he has the kind of sturdy child who is not convinced by the people in the village. Although the cost of one thousand yuan a month can still be provided for the four brothers who make money for three people, when the teacher who is afraid of raising the family can't control it, it will also harm my uncle. The four brothers thought that they also made sense. They had to go back to Hunan Changsha to do some handy work on the four sites that had been working in the Guangdong construction site. The money was earned less, but it was close to home. You can come back for half a month and visit the elderly. Parents and young children, but Yu Xuan still ran around the primary school of Wuliuli Road every Saturday. I went back to my hometown to visit my parents and found that the neighbor��s Yuxuan had changed a lot. Maybe it was every time. For two weeks to come back, he is no longer mad at home everywhere, and can sit at the table and quietly do his homework. The uncle sifted the beans in the side, and the aunt was sorting out the autumn harvest crops, mourning that Yu Xuan��s child had watched TV too much, and he watched cartoons. Yu Xuan was not happy, and said that the cartoon was played to the children. I went up to ask him, what is your ideal when you grow up? He thought for a moment and replied that he would be a scientist in the future. I touched his head and said, it is not simple, when scientists must at least graduate from college, and then graduate students to study. He nodded if he realized something, and then he didn��t say anything. Hey, there are still many children like him in his hometown. Sometimes there are no homework to do, but there is no place to ask, because in my hometown, only my uncle and my parents are 70-year-olds. According to the introduction of the four, Xiaoyu Xuan is still very smart. There was a time when Yu Xuan was deceived and deceived, and he was all muddy. When he came back, he scolded him. He picked up the mouth of the squid and said indignantly: "The book says that the old crow can protect the little crow, only you I don't protect my children, hehe..." As if this is his biggest grievance, this is probably the most sad one that Yuxuan cried. Otherwise, according to his temper, always squatting, whoever does not listen to it, whoever refuses to accept him. In my hometown, the only thing that makes Yu Xuan fascinated is the TV set in the hall. I often watched him in front of the TV and couldn��t help but sigh: In addition to the TV set, what else can I bring in my hometown? Give the child a flying wing and look at Yu Xuan so much in front of the TV, so focused, I can't help but think of his great dream - when a scientist came. Children's words are unscrupulous, children's words are fairy tales, everyone has had their own fairy tales, and they all had their own dreams, but many people's fairy tales have been gradually dried up by the years, some are overwhelmed by time, and disappeared. The fairy tale described in the book is always so beautiful, always so embarrassing, but in life, many fairy tales are always swallowed up by the torrent of ruthless reality, just like Yu Xuan��s dream, Yu Xuan��s Fairy tale, can it be achieved in that remote village?
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