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By Ralph SeeramSo a New Year is on us once again; it’s time to reflect on the past year. Did we achieve anything in our personal lives? Did we make some progress or was it retrograde? Did our relationships improve? Did we make new friends, forgive our enemies? Did some of you find new love,cheap nfl jerseys shop, lose loved ones? The questions can go on.It is really a time not only to reflect, but also to look to the future. Life is all about planning, or else you are like a ship without a rudder, left to the winds to take you in whatever direction. If you don’t have direction or goals in your life,cheap nfl jerseys black friday, how do you expect to achieve anything? It certainly is not going to be delivered on “a platter” to your front door.A few minutes ago I asked a young lady what’s her goal for the New Year. Without hesitation, she said to get married, settle down and have a family. She has it all figured out for the New Year. What she may not realize is there is a plan behind the plan. Now she has to figure if she has got the right guy, big wedding or small,nfl jerseys authentic cheap, how much to spend,cheap jerseys outlet, a wedding venue etc. You see how one plan can lead to a multitude of other plans.So what’s your wish for the New Year?My first wish is to have health and strength so that I can be writing this column this time next year. Oh and I really need to start doing some serious exercise. I recently paid a routine visit to my doctor and he asked me if I am exercising. Not wanting to lie I replied,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, “Not as much as I should have.” I guess he realized I was not doing much exercise.In the New Year I will continue to strive to bring an unbiased view point to you my readers.But to be honest what is uppermost in my mind is what I want for my beloved Guyana. Politically, it pains me to see what’s happening in the country,cheap china jerseys nfl, and I am writing as someone who lived under the PNC regime.So here is my wish for Guyana, even though I am reminded so often by my critics that I don’t reside there.I wish the Guyanese people could make up their minds at the coming elections,nfl jerseys cheap, giving their choice a majority in Parliament, so that the country could move forward.I wish to see a lot of the thieving government officials who think taxpayers money is their personal bank account go to prison as happens here in the U S.I wish to see a new impartial Director of Public Prosecution who does not take orders from politicians, and one that does not make selective prosecutions, as we are seeing now. The country does not need a “political hack” as a DPP.I wish for a new Attorney General, one who would spend more time defending the rights of citizens and especially women, rather than pimping for friends to “knack gyal”I wish to see a revamped police force, without highway bandits in and out of traffic uniforms, a force where police are not the thieves themselves, (that’s not to say there are not honest to goodness policemen. There are).I wish to see those policemen enforce traffic laws to bring down roads deaths in Guyana, and not to increase bank accounts through bribes. I wish to see more bandits get killed by the police.I wish to see Georgetown restored to being a garden city as in yesteryears,cheap jerseys, and not a Venice like city whenever “rain set up”. I want to travel around in a car not a boat.I wish to see Guyanese as a whole be more civic minded and keep their environment clean, free of foam, plastic and garbage. The government did not throw the garbage there. And don’t think they can’t keep their surroundings clean; those same Guyanese who come to the States will act very differently.I wish the government would come clean with all the backroom deals and contracts and not wait for Kaieteur News to inform the public.I wish for the publisher of this newspaper, Glenn Lall, to enjoy good health and strength to continue to inform the Guyanese people.I wish to see the Opposition get off their rear end and do some work rather than wait on Kaieteur News to do their work.I wish to see more women come out of Georgetown Hospital with their bouncing beautiful babies rather than coming out in a coffin.I wish to see some programme in place by the government and private sector to harness the energy of the youths to focus on giving some hope and opportunities which by extension will reduce crimes in Guyana.I wish the police will focus on those immigration officers and the airport and bank employees who give out information to bandits. How else can bandits know to await the arrivals of these persons at their home or cars?As to mine, keep dreaming Ralph.My wish list is getting too long so I would like you my readers to tell me your New Year wishes. I wish all my readers’ expectations for the New Year fulfilled. As for mine,wholesale jerseys china, keep dreaming RalphLastly I wish to be around a long time to enjoy my two great grand kids.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected] or Facebook

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