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The Commonwealth Secretariat is seeking to expand its Endowment Fund to facilitate the continuation of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme (CSFP).This was announced by Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma, during a recent interview with this newspaper.Several Guyanese have benefited from the CSFP, which is offered to persons in several areas of study,cheap nfl jerseys for sale, relevant to the development of their respective member states.The Commonwealth is now celebrating the 50th anniversary of the CSFP,china jerseys wholesale, which according to Secretary General Sharma,nfl jerseys cheap authentic, has facilitated more than 30,cheap stitched jerseys,000 scholarships.To continue the programme, an endowment fund was launched and is headed by the Prince of Wales.“We want to expand it both in cash,, we’re asking for contributions, as well as in kind. We offer Scholarships, Fellowship, Internships, whatever, under this programme, so it becomes richer. So this is a huge contribution the Commonwealth has made,” Secretary General Sharma said. He explained that apart from the scholarships, the Commonwealth has at its disposal experts from member states,cheap nfl jerseys made in china, which enables the secretariat to facilitate technical assistance.This assistance he pointed out is a demand-driven response.Sharma noted that many of the member states of the Commonwealth are not getting on well economically and therefore their capacity to provide technical assistance is increasing.“One of our ambitions is to tie in the training programme, and the economics and fellowships these countries contain is increasing for fellow Commonwealth members,cheap china jerseys, consciously, because they have this capacity,” Sharma said.He noted that one of the great features of the Commonwealth is that it contains all kinds of countries in it.“The Commonwealth has within its fold, emerging economies,cheap jerseys from china, members of the G-7,cheap nfl jerseys store, OECT members, so that any Scholarship Programme it is involved in is very balanced and everyone sees the wisdom in designing it in that way.”

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