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Post Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:26 pm
A day don’t pass without something strange ain’t happen. And when that something happen de whole country does notice. Tek de case of de woman who go to court as a witness and when de people start fuh question she,Discount NFL Jerseys, de woman start to cuss and seh how she head ain’t good.She in jail. Normally when a woman get jail fuh a li’l thing like that dem women’s right groups does tek over and mek representation. That ain’t happen this time.Another strange thing happening,Air Max Outlet Espa?a, but this time in jail. In any other country,Nuova Maglia Roma 2018 19, jail is a place wheh dem prison warden is boss. In Guyana in jail de prisoner is boss. Dem tek over Camp Street.Dem boys seh that anybody will think is a hotel wid plenty workers. All of dem wearing uniform but is not de starch ones. This is prison clothes.De prisoners running de jail and is only a matter of time before dem lock up dem prison officers.  Yesterday dem was cooking and serving food. Another set was serving food and another group was manning de telephones. De place suddenly get like an exclusive club. Prisoners was deciding who enter de compound and who stay out.People who live near de prison tell dem boys that dem never hear de prison so quiet. It tun out that dem prison wardens was not going to work.But who give de prisoners de keys? One man seh that he see when a big officer in de prison throw down de keys into de compound. Is a good thing Soulja Bai hear wha happen because he tell de army and de police fuh help out dem prison wardens.Dem gun put police inside de compound. That mean that police suddenly tun prison warden. That is a trained job,Fjallraven Kanken Big Backpack Black, so dem boys now waiting to see how things gun wuk out especially since police and thief don’t mix.Talk half and keep a close eye pun de jail.

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