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Post Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:35 am
–    wants int’l pressure applied for his removal The shooting is a serious matter…it is not something that could be easily swept under the carpet.”By Gary EleazarMinister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee’s future contributions to the National Assembly appear to be heading for a road replete with confrontation, as A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has declared that it has “no confidence” in the Minister and as such will be refusing to cooperate in future,Authentic Jerseys Store, Parliamentary or otherwise.This declaration was made by APNU’s Leader, Brigadier (Ret.) David Granger who yesterday, during a media engagement, also informed that the coalition has commenced lobbying international support to bring pressure on the Guyana Government to have the minister removed.APNU leaders during the press briefing yesterdayHe says that the partnership is also currently garnering the support of Non-Governmental Organizations in the matter.The APNU Leader recently successfully piloted a Parliamentary motion of no confidence against the Minister, but the Guyana Government has since indicated that there is no legal requirement to abide with the Parliamentary Resolutions.Granger promised massive pressure to bear on the government as he lobbies local and international support.“We have already written to the Foreign Embassies in Guyana and sent copies of Resolution,” said Granger.He said that the Partnership will continue to canvass the support of the local Non-Governmental Organizations which he said played a crucial role in the removal of former Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj.He reminded that it was public pressure that eventually forced Gajraj out of Office and “we think the same will work here…APNU is not prepared to cooperate with Minister Rohee in the National Assembly.”Reminded of a previous motion that the Guyana Government is yet to adhere to that was successfully approved by the combined Opposition as it relates to NICIL and State Assets, Granger emphasized “ In this instance the President is asked to revoke the appointment of  Rohee ..This is much more serious than the NICIL issue.”Asked about deadlines for the demand, Granger pointed to the fact that Parliament will this Friday head into a recess and resume in October, “so we have a two-month break, but we will continue to maintain pressure.”The Opposition Leader was adamant that “the shooting is a serious matter” and added that NGOs have already started to speak out. “It is not something that could be easily swept under the carpet.”Meanwhile, the party maintains that it has consistently supported the legitimate demands of residents of Linden and the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region for a better quality of life.The party leaders continue to lament the fact that “the PPP/C Administration ignored APNU’s advice to deal with the crisis”.

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