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Attorney-at-Law, Saphier Husain, has moved to the Courts to render the 1988 order placing the Government by way of the Official Receiver/Public Trustee in the Ministry of Legal Affairs,Fc Bayern Trikot G��nstig, as Liquidator of the First Federation Life Insurance Company, obsolete.Government has been at wits end to evict the occupants of the First Federation Building located at Croal and Manget Place.The Public Trustee will have to appear in court on Monday November 11 to defend Government, failing which action would be pursued in their absence.The building under dispute at Croal and Manget Place, GeorgetownIn 1989 when the First Federation Life Insurance Company was unable to pay its debts,Bvb Neues Trikot 18/19, the Official Receiver made Government ‘provisional liquidator.”Husain in his petition to the High Court, claims that the Official Receiver of the property valued to be worth some $249M, has been guilty of, “acting in breach of statutory duty, in breach of fiduciary duty, negligence in the maintenance of the company’s property, and malicious and willful damage to the Company’s First Federation Building.”He points out in his writ that under the Companies Act, a liquidator may be removed by the Court if cause is shown, and that any aggrieved person can make the application.The two applicants Husain, along with Nalini Arjune, have both been tenants of the First Federation Building since 1987.The two are petitioning the Court to terminate the order that made the Official Receiver the liquidator of the property.The Court is also being petitioned to have the Official Receiver hand over all accounts of all receipts from 1988 to date, and further be prevented from collecting rent or doing anything whatsoever with the First Federation Building.Husain and Arjune are also petitioning the Court to grant leave to them as “interested persons under the Companies Act to revive or acquire ‘Certificate of Revival’ of the Building and to place them as Directors of the First Federation Life Insurance Company.The move by Hussain comes a week after Chief Justice Ian Chang handed down a ruling stopping Government from preventing occupants of the Building from accessing the property in order to ply their trade.Chang in that ruling had ordered that Government be restrained from interfering with Husain’s “ingress and egress and occupation and use of the First Federation Life Insurance building on Croal Street and Manget Place.”Husain has also accused the government of a malicious strategy to remove the occupants of the building in a bid to sell the property.In his Affidavit in support of his motion, before Chang recently, Husain said that the Attorney General has acquired a valuation of the property for some $249M which indicates Government’s intention to sell,Wholesale Jerseys China, transfer or dispose of the property.In July last year, Husain said he was sent a “Notice to Quit’ which was followed by a Summons in January this year, filed by Solicitor General,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Sita Ramlal.When the matter was called up, Husain argued that Government through the Public Trustee was not the owner of the building and as such could not claim the building for its use.That matter was disposed of and according to Husain the Government has since engaged in the malicious ploy to have the residents evicted.The Guyana Power and Light Company have cut electricity to the building and the Ministry of Public Works has since ordered that no new certificates be issued to the occupants of the building so that electricity can be restored.According to Husain,Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale, the directive to disconnect power “was issued in a conspiracy with the Public Trustee/Attorney General/State Solicitor with the ulterior motive to forcefully eject me from Room 2, First Federation Building contrary to the rule of Law.”Husain further claimed that agents of the government removed the wooden door and grills to the entrance of the building and poured 15 gallons of waste engine oil which was strewn along the ground floor in September.Husain said that he replaced the door which was again removed a week later by agents of the Government and again waste oil was poured on the ground floor.He said, too in his affidavit that later in the month,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, agents or servants of the defendants committed a carefully calculated destruction of the telephone wiring and lighting system which was used by him and powered by a generator.A 50-foot drop cord, bulbs and switches were also stolen.A few days later the door to the building was again removed and engine oil poured on the ground floor.According to Husain, between 1987 and 2013, he has invested over $10M in the maintenance of the property, since the defendants have intentionally failed to do so.

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