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Parliament gun meet fuh de first time since de elections but it look like if is only de coalition gun be at the sitting. Donald and he team ain’t mek up dem mind to sit. Clement done seh that he is de man who gun call de shots although Donald can call de shots and mek people listen.Well when Clement Rohee mek that statement dem reporters ask he right away if he is de one who gun tek de post of Opposition Leader. This is de same man who did tell dem same reporters that he was ready to run fuh President. When dem ask he if he got de qualification he tell dem that goat ain’t bite him.People laugh and call he de goat man. But dem boys seh that some people don’t learn. This same Rohee now telling people that he prepared to be de Opposition Leader because Donald shame and Jagdeo ain’t going back to Parliament.Right away,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Rob de Earth laugh. He write how some people pride more than dem position. But he didn’t stop there. He go on to seh that if Rohee even become de Opposition Leader then de Pee Pee Pee gone to de dawgs.Now Rohee seh that eh don’t go pun Facebook but he got people who does go and stay pun Facebook. One of dem did actually go to Cuba and do de impossible. She do even wuss than she do at St Joseph. But that is another story.Dem boys seh that if Rohee could become de Opposition leader then anything can happen in Guyana.But while Rohee planning fuh sit down high in de Parliament dem boys want to know wheh Gail deh. Dem ain’t even seeing Gail or Odinga or Irfaat. In fact,Barry Larkin Jersey, dem ain’t seeing nobody. Now people want to know if dem still in de country or dem running before de audit done.But dem seeing Brassington and he reduce in size,Nike Shoes Online Store China, not because he dieting but because he got a steady belly wuk. He seeing de pumpkin jumpsuitTalk half and wait fuh more jokes from Rohee.

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