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– in addition to Presidential GrantAmerindian communities, under threat from El Nino and dwindling population, are to receive a major increase in a government grant that is earmarked to improve food security and create jobs.An estimated 160 hinterland communities will each be getting up to $7M, President Bharrat Jagdeo disclosed during a recent meeting with Toshaos of the Rupununi area.The increase in the grant is made possible from funds of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS). According to Jagdeo,Borussia Dortmund Trikot G��nstig Kaufen, about US$5M (equivalent to G$1B), in addition to the Presidential Grant for Amerindian communities’ development, will now be made available.In the area of food security, however, the President, according to a government statement, stressed the importance of better drainage and irrigation systems which he said will increase the productivity of agriculture and diversify the range of products grown.The Presidential Grant was established in 2007 and a sum of $150M was allocated towards meeting the social and economic needs of 140 communities.The venture continued in 2008, but the following year an additional 20 communities became eligible for the grants resulting in $160M being allocated.Expanding access to services and new economic opportunities for Amerindian communities through improved social services and low-carbon energy sources are just some of the objectives which can be realized as Guyana guides its economy on a low carbon trajectory.The draft LCDS document states that transforming Guyana’s economy will require among other things, striking a balance between using forest payments to enhance the opportunities for those who live in the forest and recognizing the rights of other Guyanese citizens, including the urban poor.“To meet the needs of both forest dwellers and the population at large, Guyana will invest a significant share of the forest protection funds it receives in initiatives aimed at developing jobs and diversifying the jobs base, and improving the general standards of living of all of its citizens”, the document said.In June 2009 the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs partnered with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) for the launch of the National Secure Livelihood Programme (NSLP) which sought to address the many challenges hampering economic development in the Amerindian Villages and hinterland communities through the creation of employment opportunities, sustaining food security, income generation, wealth creation, economic diversification and secure livelihoods.Six VSO Specialists were employed to stir economic development in Region 1 focusing on agriculture, aquaculture, pest management, food technology, business, development, marketing and finance and organizational development.

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