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A Meadowbrook man is now contemplating his next move after his car was set on fire earlier this week.In what appears to be an act of arson, the interior of motor car HB 5075 wasThe burnt car outside the Meadowbrook residence.destroyed in the wee hours of Monday last.The owner of the vehicle, Shawn Bishop, told this publication yesterday that it was a deliberate act to cause damage since based on video footage presented to him, the perpetrator was caught making several attempts to set fire to the vehicle.“I was sleeping around 4:30 the morning when I heard my neighbour shouting. When I looked outside I saw the fire, I began bailing water to out the fire (gesturing to a trench adjacent to his home),” Bishop said.Based on footage provided by a source,Air Force 1 Australia Womens, who requested anonymity, the perpetrator was seen fleeing the scene after the car went up in flames.According to Bishop, the matter was reported to La Penitence Police Station but was subsequently referred to a forensic team that conducted the preliminary investigation. However, no one was arrested but samples were taken to determine the agent that was used to cause the blaze.Upon inspection, the window on the driver’s side was missing but was replaced by what seemed like a piece of plastic. Bishop pointed out that the perpetrator might have used that opening to hurl the substance in the car.Bishop also lamented that the lack of street lights and the role it would have played in either indentifying the suspect or deterring the crime entirely.“There should be street lights.  I heard that they don’t have money to install street lights, but lights play an import role… Then the police patrols should be more covert in their rounds. Obviously if the perps see a police van coming they will make their escape. “ he said.

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