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Residents of the impoverished community aback of Riverview, Ruimveldt plan to pool their meager resources to facilitate a proper burial for a 22-year-old homeless man who perished in the Demerara River on Tuesday morning.Shawn Anthony Beharry was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital, minutes after he was pulled from the Demerara River.Beharry,Cheap Adidas Shoes Wholesale, 23, was packing fishing lines on the wharf at the back of the community when he reportedly fell into the river.But residents are baffled by his strange death since the water at that time was no more than waist deep and there are no obstacles that he could have landed on to cause injury.A resident of the area, who gave his name as Charles, told Kaieteur News that he was packing some fishing lines with Beharry but the young man left and went to the other side of the makeshift wharf.He said that about 15 minutes later a little boy went to him and told him that Beharry had fallen into the river.“He say ‘alyuh come, Shawn fall overboard and like he dead’,” Charles told this newspaper.He said that he ran towards where Beharry was working only to see his body floating in the shallow water.Charles said that with the assistance of another resident they pulled Beharry’s body from the river and began trying to revive him.“Water start come out he mouth,” Charles said.They eventually put Beharry’s lifeless body into a car, which transported it to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.Residents of the area said that Beharry was a good swimmer. They have no knowledge of his ever suffering a fit.However, they were unanimous in their assessment that he was a heavy drinker of Banko wine.They are anxiously awaiting the results of a post mortem examination to learn how Beharry met his death.But the post mortem could take some time since none of the dead man’s family can be located.Residents said that Beharry had lived in an orphanage and had come to the Riverview area about seven years ago.He managed to settle into the community doing odd jobs for residents there.He was described a very willing person who never got into trouble with anyone.The Riverview residents are appealing to his relatives to come forward since they are willing to take on the responsibility of burying him.

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