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Yesterday morning,Camiseta Barcelona 2018-19, workers at the Muneshwer’s wharf found a foetus in the Demerara River behind the wharf. It floated near to a koker at the wharf. The foetus was discovered by the night shift workers who were leaving the premises and saw the object floating next to the koker.One of the workers, Garcia Henry, who saw the foetus told Kaieteur News that about 07:50 hrs when he arrived at work he saw a gathering at the koker. He said that upon checking he saw the foetus which looked to him around six months old.He added that the police arrived several minutes after being summoned and carried out their usual investigations.Henry said subsequently after the police concluded their investigation on site the Lyken Funeral Parlour undertakers arrived and took the unborn away. Henry described it as a well formed baby.

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