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Life at the University of Guyana Turkeyen campus has returned to some level of normalcy with the relocation of several departments, a process which, according to Bursar of the University, Mr John Seeram, will be done in phases.The university operations were transferred temporarily to the Dennis Irvine Hall of Residence, Goedverwagting, and at other locations, since the Turkeyen campus was handed over to Government, which had opted to undertake the removal of asbestos from various infested buildings at a cost of $200M.Seeram disclosed that, with the approval of the university’s technical committee, departments such as Personnel, the Bursary, the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor’s offices were permitted to relocate to Turkeyen on Monday.The relocation in progress on MondayHe, however, noted that efforts are being made by contractors to complete the sanitation of the various campus buildings, pointing out that,Wholesale Jerseys China, currently, much focus is being given to the non-asbestos buildings.The non-asbestos buildings had become a cause for concern for several staffers of the university, since it had been disclosed that there were no plans to have them tested to ensure that their air quality had not been compromised with the more than two-month long asbestos removal process.Mr Melvyn Sankies of the Faculty of Technology, a member of the university’s technical committee, had spoken out against the situation, pointing out that the main concern should be focused on protecting the health of persons who access the campus grounds on a regular basis.According to the concerned Sankies, not testing the buildings could very well create a risky situation, whereby persons could be physically affected in the long run.However, the A & E Consultancy Firm, which was contracted to carry out air and fibre tests of the asbestos-infested buildings, had offered to test the non-asbestos buildings free of charge.That process has since been carried out, and the buildings were found to be asbestos-free, much to the satisfaction of Sankies and the other members of the technical committee.And, according to Mr Seeram, the ongoing cleaning process to prepare the various other buildings has been intensified.  He added that once there is clearance from the technical committee, the campus should be fully ready for access to the public as early as today.He noted that once everything goes as expected, an official opening date for the university will be announced by the Deputy Registrar, Mr Vincent Alexander.At the moment, though, he related, the tentative date of November 17 as the opening date appears to be very realistic.He further assured that campus can be considered safe to be accessed by students, even as he emphasised that university officials have been working closely with the consultants tasked with sanitising the environment.According to a statement issued recently by the University of Guyana Public Relations Department, the Ministry of Education, through its consultants, has undertaken to ensure that concerns about residual asbestos on campus are adequately addressed.It noted that the ministry has accepted that the UG Technical Team would work with the contracted consultants to ensure that the sanitisation is done to universally acceptable standards.

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