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As local passengers of the failed air charter, EZjet, hold onto their post-dated cheques with hopes of accessing their monies, overseas passengers, especially Guyanese in the Diaspora, are being left without any relief.EZjet NY office replaced by physical therapy office.EZjet which failed weeks ago seems to have abandoned its New York Office. The location is now a physical therapy office. There is no EZjet office or anyone for the affected people to talk to for refunds. Its Chief Executive Officer, Sonny Ramdeo, remains in hiding.It is unclear how many persons in New York are owed but an official there said that cheques were written but held after it was discovered that EZjet had no money in its account. It is believed that passengers are owed around US$2.5M there.According to Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC),Cheap Nike Shoes Online Australia, Khemraj Ramjattan, “Ezjet is stretching the process out so in time more people will give up pursuing the company for refunds. At least US$3M to US$5M of these passengers’ monies would have gone with Ramdeo.”Ramjattan said that he strongly believes that the New York travel agents who did not transfer ticket monies to EZjet are responsible to issue payments to affected passengers.“A number of them have withheld payments to these affected passengers,China NFL Hoodies, hoping the matter will soon die and passengers will regard it as their individual loss. These travel agents, by virtue of their obligation under terms of licence and agreement with EZjet,Discount NFL Jerseys, must pay the passengers’ ticket monies into an escrow bank. Had the travel agents followed the agreement, all of the passengers’ monies would have been protected,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Site Francais,” he added.According to the Attorney-at-Law, a number of Guyanese in the Diaspora have been seeking his advice on the issue. Their remedies lie in getting at their travel agents who sold them the tickets.He added that these agencies apart from putting the monies into escrow and only paying over to EZjet when the actual flight is completed, ought to have been more careful in view of their fiduciary relationship to the passengers.“I am certain they were aware of the shadows and cloud over EZjet but chose to turn a blind eye so they can make money. I am aware that the Feds are doing their job to get Ramdeo and his associates,Autentic Hockey Jerseys Outlet, but travel agents in NY should not unjustly enrich themselves with passengers’ money and walk away while the passengers suffer,” he stressed.Ramjattan argued that Guyanese must be concerned about the happenings in New York because many if not all of these passengers are family members of us Guyanese. Their losses and inconveniences are close to home.“We here have a vested interest in seeing that propriety and rules are adhered to. EZjet should provide answers as it relates to why travel agents who sold tickets in New York did not follow the rules to place the passengers monies in escrow; were all the monies passengers paid to the travel agents transferred to EZjet; and what was acting CEO Rosalinda Rasul’s findings when she visited New York,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” he inquired.Ramjattan also questioned whether the fraud or irregularities have been committed by just one person or if others are involved. What is Guyana Government doing about this whole debacle and to ensure that it does not recur?

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