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-may have been planning robbery  It seems that some Joint Services ranks may be as much a danger to the public as the criminals they are supposed to keep an eye on during the Christmas holidays.The car that was intercepted with mud on the number plate.Two members of the Joint Services have now been implicated in gunpoint robberies within the past two days.The first was a police rank. Yesterday, a Guyana Defence Force Lance Corporal was among five caught with illegal firearms in a car with obscure number plates on Avenue of the Republic and Regent Street, Georgetown.The Lance Corporal, who was supposed to be on-duty, was the driver of vehicle, PLL 9931, in which an unlicenced sawn-off pump action shotgun and an unlicenced .38 revolver with matching rounds were found under the seat.It is believed that the men were intercepted just as they were about to carry out a robbery.An army release identified the rank as Lance Corporal (LCPL) Aaron Eastman, a driver attached to the GDF Medical Corps Headquarters, located in Base Camp Ayanganna. He was dressed in his camouflaged uniform when he was arrested.The release stated that according to the reports received,Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China, the five occupants of the vehicle were observed to be acting in a suspicious manner.“Consequently, the GPF was informed and Police ranks arrived on the scene, accosted the men and conducted a search of the motor vehicle. The search unearthed a revolver and a sawn off shot gun, and the men were subsequently arrested.“A preliminary investigation conducted by the GDF, revealed that LCPL Eastman, who at the time was the ‘Duty Driver,’ for the Ambulance, had parked the ambulance within the confines of the BC(A) and exited the Base to meet with his family in the vicinity of the outer parking lot. He subsequently slipped away and was never heard from until his arrest.“The Joint Services and more particularly the GDF remains resolute in ensuring its ranks adhere to the Laws of Guyana, and any rank found to be involved in any illegal activities will be dealt with condignly.”And Police in a statement said that around 10:30 hrs, police ranks on “Operation Dragnet” stopped a motor vehicle with obscure number plates and conducted a search during which two unlicenced weapons and matching rounds were found.Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken, said that based on intelligence given to the police, the arrest was made.“The car was intercepted and what we observed was a soldier fully dressed in uniform but then what caught our suspicion was that he had a hood over the uniform top as he was driving. A search was carried out on the vehicle and the weapons were found,” Hicken said.“Coming out of this arrest we can clear up a lot of robberies.”On Friday, a serving member of the Guyana Police Force and a female were arrested and later confessed to being involved in a carjacking ring that relieved a taxi driver of his vehicle at gunpoint last month.The incident took place at Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on November 28, last.

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