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Christopher Yhip, 31, of 58 Robb Street, Georgetown, yesterday appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, to face the charges of damage to property, as well as using threatening language, whereby disturbing the peace.It is alleged that on Tuesday last, the defendant, at his father’s residence and the home in which he (Yhip) resides, broke a glass case worth $3000.He pleaded not guilty to both charges.Robert Yhip, the father of the accused and the virtual complainant, said that “on the day in question, my son was behaving badly. He picked up a drink’s case and threw it at my direction, but it fell on the glass case instead. Afterwards we went into a scuffle.”“Your worship, this man has threatened me and my family,Cheap Shoes Online Nz,” the senior Yhip said.He added that the accused even told him that if he should go to jail, “you would be the first one I would kill when I get out.”When asked by the magistrate what he had to say, the defendant said that ‘he is a musician and a righteous man.’He (the accused) went on to say that the virtual complainant has something against him.“Your worship, I do not smoke, drink or steal. I just living a normal life.It’s because of the life I choose he just trying to bring me down.” He added that he has respect for everyone, but if they do not have respect for him, then he wouldn’t have any respect for them.Magistrate Robertson remanded the accused to prison until January 21.

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