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Post Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:46 pm
– as M&CC appeals to residents A clean up revolution is swiftly unfolding in the capital city of Georgetown. A number of private sector entities are already on board. The most recent to join is Gizmos and Gadgets.Staff of Gizmos and Gadgets ready to cleanupAnd according to reports, the latest support was inspired by President Granger’s clean up and restoration drive.‘Gizmos and Gadgets’, with the blessings of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown, (M&CC), has responded by embarking on a project of their own titled “Garden City Restoration.”The management and staff were yesterday set to start cleaning from the North Road and Wellington Street location of the Gizmos and Gadgets superstore, and cover the entire stretch along Waterloo Street.The clean-up agenda outlined, ranged from the picking up garbage and trimming trees, to the removal of scrap metal and cleaning drains. “Keeping our environment clean is a job that we all have to do. This is why Gizmos and Gadgets decided to begin with our immediate surroundings,” said Chief Executive Officer, Ravi Mangar.He added, “Also a cleaner environment promotes a healthier community and it builds pride in our community. We feel the underlying problem is the unavailability of garbage bins on the streets, therefore, we have engaged the City Council and have proposed to build concrete base bins along Waterloo Street.”Mangar also disclosed plans to meet with Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. to work out a contract to empty these bins on a timely basis. He has also intimated his intention to encourage other companies to become involved in the restoration initiative.According him, it is expected that members of the public will also do their part in cleaning up their surroundings in order to return Guyana’s natural beauty.The M&CC through its Public Relations Officer, just a few days ago acknowledged the support that has been forthcoming to help restore Georgetown. The support comes on the heels of the May 11, 2015, Elections which saw the coalesced A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) assuming power.Moreover, King has asserted that within the past week, support has been forthcoming from entities such as B.K. International, members of the Private Sector and other stakeholders, for using their equipment and other necessary resources to assist with critical drainage works in the city.According to King, “These works are vital to the health and development of the capital.”Citizens must take up their role too in the on-going efforts. The M&CC in a release yesterday appealed to all citizens to organize themselves into groups and clean up their communities. It is expected that the clean-up efforts will be completed in time for the May 26,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, 2015 Independence Celebrations.According to the release this should include residents working towards cleaning parapets and frontages, cleaning of surface drains, and sprucing up their immediate surroundings.“Council believes that, this should be a community effort, and that all residents should participate in it. With only a few days left before Guyana celebrates its 49th Independence Anniversary, citizens must work together now to make Georgetown clean and tidy.”The M&CC anticipates that this collective effort would improve the general aesthetics of the City.In the meantime, Council is working on a short—term plan to do substantial works in all communities in the City. This would facilitate community and other stake-holders’ meetings, establishing community development groups, environmental awareness and education and awards to model neighbourhoods.“Let us work together to advance our capital with pride and glory,” noted the release.

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