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By Jenelle CarterA 37-year-old father of five succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Saturday last after he was turned into a human torch by two men in Oku Backdam, Region Seven.Dead: Charles GarrawayCharles Edward GarrawayCharles Edward Garraway, of South Ruimveldt Gardens and Four Mile Housing Scheme, Bartica, died some time after 22:00 hours on Saturday, while being treated at the hospital’s Burns Care Unit.Garraway was reportedly doused with gasoline and set alight.The man’s wife, Merithea Garraway,Air Max 97 Alennus, told this newspaper that she and her husband operate a shop in the area where the incident occurred. According to Mrs. Garraway, on Friday last, she was with her husband and a friend at their place of business having a conversation. The woman related that she then left to purchase some items for their personal use.“That was around three o’clock when I left he and a friend stand up talking, and when I come back along de way I hear people talking how Charlie get bun up.” The woman said that she took it for nothing as she did not believe, since mere hours before she had left her husband alive and well.According to the grieving woman, as she got closer to her shop she heard another man talking about an incident but again she ignored.“Is till I reach at we shop then I know that me husband get burn up, a Brazilian man tell me that two boys hold me husband down throw a bucket of gasoline on he and light he afire.”The woman said after making further enquires she was told that it was another shop owner who ran to her husband’s rescue.“De man tell me that when de boys dem light me husband afire like he hold onto one ah de boy who bun he so de other boy get burn too.”Mrs. Garraway said her husband was taken out to the Bartica hospital by the same man who went to his rescue.‘Easy’ being treated at the GPHC for burns“De Saturday morning when I wake up I see de bucket with me husband pants inside but only de pants waist and he bun up belt went in de bucket.” The woman believes that robbery was the motive for the vicious act.“When I lef me husband he had some gold and some money on he and I ain’t find nothing on he.”She added that on Saturday while making her way out to Bartica she noticed one of her husband’s attackers making his way out as well.“When I de coming out I trying getting a drop from a truck and when I stop a truck, a lady turn and tell me that a man went at de back of de truck hiding and when he see me he jump out.”Meanwhile, on Sunday, one of Garraway’s alleged attackers was transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital with burns to 90 per cent of his body. The man has only been identified as ‘Easy’.According to a police statement, investigations so far have revealed that on Friday August 20, Charles Garraway and a miner had an argument at Oku Backdam over payment for groceries bought from his shop, during which it is alleged that the miner threw gasoline on Charles Garraway and lit him afire. The suspect also received burns about his body.Up to press time yesterday he was being treated at the institution.

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