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Post Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:44 pm
At a recent press conference held by the Guyana Women and Gender Equality Commission, members expressed their concern over the way in which the victims of violence are being treated by the police force when they go to make reports.Chairperson of the committee, Indra Chandarpal, stated that despite engaging the force at the highest levels on the issue and recommending training, which they have received, their response remains inadequate.Member of the committee, Renata Chuck-A-Singh said that sometimes they feel and often appear to be “impotent” as the many social ills facing Guyana can only be raised by them as they do not possess the power to “literally go into do things for ourselves, we can only bring these matters to the relevant authorities.”Aside from that however, the committee also makes referrals to places to which these persons can go for help.The recent case of a mother and daughter from Region Two was brought up at the conference. The mother made claims that she and her daughter were repeatedly raped. One of the members of the committee had reportedly intervened, in June, and took the matter to the police.The committee member was subsequently turned away by the police who reportedly said that the allegations were untrue. However, when checks were made with the hospital authorities, the woman’s story was confirmed as she had visible marks on her hands supporting her claims that she was tied up and raped. Vaginal examinations also confirmed this.Member of the committee, Nicole Cole,Cheap Air Max 720, took the opportunity to also comment on the need for the enforcement of laws with regards to interpersonal violence. Cole said that being a survivor of interpersonal violence, she is saddened by the fact that “the same bottlenecks” she had when she was a survivor are “the same ones that still exist today.”“Although we have a robust legislation in place to protect women,” said Cole, “it’s all to me just a ton of paper, because in actuality, women are dying.”She commented on the recent death of a young woman who was stabbed multiple times and thrown out of the car. “It cannot continue, something needs to be done.”

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