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A law abiding East Bank Demerara resident was carjacked and robbed of his Android phone and over $1.5M at approximately 8:10pm on Tuesday. The robbery occurred at the Industrial Site, Georgetown as Imran Khan was heading home after a hard day’s work.This newspaper understands that the road that leads to Khan’s place of work is in a terrible state and as such, calls for every driver to be careful as it posses much difficulty.The car which was disposed of by the bandits at Fourth Street, La Penitence.As the 38-year-old, Khan was slowly maneuvering along the crater-filled road, a man armed with a “big gun” jumped out of the bushes, ran to his car window and ordered him to exit the vehicle. His accomplice, who was also armed, sprang from their hiding place and reinforced the demands of his partner with several threats.Khan now muzzled by fear,Bayern M��nchen t-Shirt Damen, exited the vehicle and walked away slowly  so as not to give his attackers any reason to take more than they intended.After noticing that he was out of the shooting range of the bandits,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale Uk, he then made his way to the Ruimveldt Police Station where he made a report.Meanwhile,Cheap Liverpool Shirts, the “clever” thieves drove the stolen car into Fourth Street,Nike Shoes Wholesale China, La Penitence,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, where vigilant residents noted their every move.An eye witness said,Nike Air Max Shop Australia, “One of them was wearing a blue jersey and another one was wearing a red jersey. Both of them look slim. But then one come out and he was searching up the trunk,Billige Nike Air Max 90, and then I see they start changing they clothes and one of them put on a hat and then they head out to the public road. I walk to my gate to see where they going with all da speed,because they left the car doors open. Then I see they wait like about 10 minutes and jump into a minibus.”The resident then contacted another who was also watching from a nearby window and the two made several attempts to contact an officer at the Ruimveldt Station. Meanwhile other residents surrounded the car and tried to locate some form of identification as they suspected that it was a stolen vehicle.A piece of paper with the victim’s name and telephone number was observed on a ransacked bag and another resident then contacted Khan immediately.He was then informed by a resident that his car is in the said location. He appeared approximately 20 minutes later in the company of other co-workers and a police officer.A blue jersey was also recovered at the crime scene along with the car keys which the bandits left in the trunk.Further, after conducting a search on the vehicle, detectives found a 20 gauge shotgun with a matching cartridge which they suspect was left behind by the infamous duo.This regrettable incident occurred the very day the ‘A’ Division Commander, George Vyphuis bragged about the fact that there were no reported gun robberies for two weeks. He had reportedly said, “For the past two weeks, I have no reported gun robbery.”As he expressed how happy he was with the state of affairs which was calm at the time of his pronouncement, he said that the police have reintroduced their Aberdeen patrols along Sheriff, Regent and Robb Streets, as well as sections of Vlissengen Road in order to maintain this.But according to Khan whose matter is still being investigated, it would appear that the East Bank area would need some attention as well.

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