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Post Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:32 pm

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…still being awarded lucrative contractsResidents of the Matarkai Neighbourhood Democratic Council in Region One are perturbed at revelations that a former senior official owes the Council $4.5M in what appears to be an accumulated amount handed over to him over a period of time.What is even more disturbing is that the same official who is no longer aligned with the Council is still being awarded contracts to undertake works in the sub region.The information was uncovered and ventilated at a recent Council meeting. There are now calls for the Audit Office to investigate to ascertain whether the money owed is far more,Air Max Outlet Schweiz, given the fact that several records have gone missing.The money owed to the Council was also previously not included in the financial statements of the Council.The residents are calling for a criminal investigation also into the situation and to file charges if necessary.Following the revelations of the money owed to the Council another senior official who was reportedly in cahoots with the former official implicated walked off the job on Monday without due process.

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