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Four armed bandits beat and robbed Zorg businessman, Asif Khan, of cash, jewellery and a quantity ofInjured businessman, Asif Khanphone cards. The businessman’s wife, 37-year-old Shaneeza Khan, and her 11-year-old son were also beaten and threatened by the men.The incident occurred just after 20:00 hours on Sunday. The Khan family who have been left traumatized after the frightening ordeal, are maintaining that the police, especially those at the Suddie police station, had they responded within moments after the robbery, they would have apprehended the men.The family added that lives could have been lost since the police didn’t respond promptly because, as they said, they weren’t equipped with a driver.Commander of “G” Division, Kevin Adonis, who visited the victims yesterday morning, said that a family member called a police officer, who was at Charity on Sunday night to inform him of the robbery. He said the police officer, who was apparently sleeping, woke up and with some other ranks went to the scene of the robbery.Adonis also cautioned Khan to equip his property more securely, since he has millions of dollars worth in stock at his Zorg premises. Khan asked the senior police rank for a firearm. He told Adonis that he had applied several years ago.Some $250,000 in cash along with another $300,000 worth in jewellery and $60,000 worth in phone cards were all stolen by the four men, who were masked and armed with cutlasses and knives.Police have since recovered one mask and a knife at Khan’s residence.The robbed home of the Essequibo businessman.Relaying Sunday night’s ordeal, Khan’s wife, Bibi Shaneeza Khan, said that she was conversing with her mother, who had called her from Canada, when two of the four armed, masked men confronted her and started to point a gun at her, warning her to remain silent.Mrs. Khan said that she dropped her phone and noticed that the other two bandits had accosted her husband and was escorting him to where she was in the kitchen. The bandits then tied her up, as well as her husband and their 11-year-old son with duct tape and belts.Khan said the men then proceeded to beat her and her husband in their heads and about their bodies with the cutlasses and guns, while demanding their money.Khan said even her 11-year-old son, who was tied up and beaten by the bandits, received threats from the men that they would harm him and his parents if they didn’t comply with their demands. She said that she pleaded furiously with the bandits not to harm her husband and son, after one of the men was threatening to shoot her husband and chop off his foot in the presence of her son.“I tell them to search all over.” Mrs. Khan said that one of the men chopped her husband in his head after he was dissatisfied with the money he had received. “They were asking for more money.”“Watch how much goods you got,Jerseys NFL China,” the bandit argued.The traumatized 37-year-old said that her husband was forced to tell the bandits where the keys to the house were located. She said that the bandits, who spent over three-quarters of an hour beating her and her husband, later, proceeded to ransack the house and her husband’s two vehicles before escaping.The bandits gained entry through the back fence.Mrs. Khan said that this is the third time that the family has been robbed.

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