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While travelling home, 24-year-old miner Hillary  Elias Augustus met his demise about noon yesterday atHillary AugustusGarden of Eden, East Bank Demerara. He had come out of the interior to purchase a red motorcar,Brice Butler Jersey, PLL 9283. He previously resided at Long Creek, Soesdyke Linden Highway.Augustus was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital.  Augustus suffered from broken arms and internal bleeding as well as other injuries. He was the sole occupant of the vehicle that crashed into an oncoming truck.It was further reported that while Augustus was heading home he attempted to overtake a minibus  BLL 8333 driven by Clive Bagot, 28. At the same time he was confronted by motor lorry GNN 5714 which was proceeding in the opposite direction.Augustus attempted to swerve from the motor lorry and collided with the minibus which turned turtle and also collided with the motor lorry.Clive Bagot,Diego Maradona Jersey, the mini bus driver, and two of the passengers were treated and sent away while Taramattie Sookram, 41, of Madewini,Cheap NBA Jerseys Online, EBD, and Oudit Jettoo, 57 years of Kuru Kuru,Soesdyke Linden Highway, have been admitted.Augustine’s mother, Yvette Gail said her son who was the eldest of four, and worked in the interior.She said that Augustus recently came out to purchase a car. However, she had advised him that he should return to the interior and wait until next year then purchase the vehicle. However, he was adamant that he had to purchase a vehicle before he returned to the interior.She said that her son was heading home when he met his demise. Gail lamented that yesterday her son drove the car for the first time and had told her that he was going to collect something from the individual that he had purchased the car from.The mangled car after it crashed into the truck“He called me when I was in a bus, and asked where I was,2018 World Cup Russia Jerseys, and if I wanted a drop home. But I told him I was already in a bus. He told me he would turn back, but I told him not to, since I would be coming behind in a bus.”The grieving mother added that she first learnt of her son’s demise while traveling up the East Bank. Gail said that after she noticed that there was a long line of traffic while the bus was travelling, she then enquired from the conductress what was causing the snail pace in the traffic and was told that there was an accident on the road between three vehicles –a minibus, a car and a truck.“When I look out the window and see the jersey in the red car I know it was my son’s T-shirt and that had to be the car that he bought. I tell she (the conductress) stop the bus and open the door because is my son get hurt in the accident.”The traumatized mother said,NBA Jerseys Store, “I told him to go back into the bush and buy that car next year but he didn’t hear I was afraid because he always talked about speed.”The man’s sister, Alicia Gail, who was at the Georgetown Public Hospital was hysterical after hearing the news of her brother’s demise.She said that when her brother was admitted to the emergency room, she had noticed that he was gasping for air since he had received a severe blow to the chest after his car crashed.(From Left) Alicia Gail and her traumatized mother at the Georgetown public hospital.The grieving woman further said that although her brother had broken limbs amongst other serious injuries, three persons came in after and were dealt with by doctors while her brother was unattended.“My brother was there for one hour. When he reach in the room with the doctor and I see how my brother deh I know he wasn’t all right. And the doctor keep telling me every thing all right. All of dem just stupid…He don’t fight, he don’t cuss, he was always a good boy.”

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