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At a cost of $1.2 million, the Bartica Interim Management Committee/Neighbourhood Democratic Council (IMC/NDC) recently completed a much needed culvert at Second Street, Bartica, strategically between FourthThe culvert while under construction.and Fifth Avenues.Reports are that not only was an old culvert in the area too small to facilitate effective drainage, especially after heavy rainfall, but the structure was more than two decades old and in poor condition.Moreover, residents have for some time been calling for the replacement of the culvert.According to information coming out of the IMC/NDC office, funding for the culvert measuring 3ft x 34ft was sourced from its 2014 subvention and was not contracted out, since it saw IMC/NDC workers partnering with residents of the immediate area to complete it.Moreover, the project has been deemed very transparent as residents were not only allowed to examine and ensure that the specifications were accurate, but they were able to give their input to ensure that value for money was realized.The project was one that got close attention from IMC Chairman, Ovid Benjamin, who asserted that “the IMC has continued to deliver to the community and therefore has not failed Barticians.”In fact residents have been encouraged to continue to support the IMC/NDC in the quest to further develop the Bartica area.Although its headquarters was destroyed by fire a few years ago,Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping, reportedly at the hands of arsonists, the IMC/NDC has been able to continuously realize many successes much to the satisfaction and benefit of the Bartica neighbourhood.Officials within the IMC/NDC have credited its many achievements to its open door policy which supports close collaboration with residents.“With effective leadership, a competent Chairman, committed and dedicated councilors, the IMC remains on a mission to improve the neighbourhood of Bartica,” said Public Relations and Press Officer, Sherwyn Downer.

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