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…hundreds meet with AFC seeking assistanceOn Wednesday morning hundreds of sugar workers from the Blairmont Estate gathered at the home of Pradeep Bachan who is the Alliance For Change’s (AFC) Region Five Coordinator to bring to his attention the plight of a 22-year-old sugar worker Davekumar Jainauth,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, who fell while working in the fields.The injured cane cutter,Equipacion Real Madrid Barata, Jainauth,Air Max 90 Comprar Baratas, was taken to New Amsterdam Hospital by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuC0).After basic treatment, the officials declared him safe and that nothing was wrong with Davekummar Jainauth who was then sent home.The family reportedly then took him to Georgetown Public Hospital, and according to the family, one doctor mistreated Davekumar and said that he was pretending.“After such harsh and cruel treatment at Georgetown Public Hospital, the family took Davekumar Jainauth to Medical Arts for treatment…Due to lack of money he was taken home and is bed ridden due to severe pain.”According to the Dr. Ramayya, AFC Regional Representative for Region Six, “This is a clear example of a Public Health Care System failing the working people who most need it…This is a clear example of GuySuCo finding millions of dollars to pay their ‘fat cats’ but have no money to take care of the workers in the system; neglect and mistreatment best define Guysuco’s actions.”Family, friends and fellow cane cutters are actively raising funds to assist Davekumar.He is married and has a three-month-old child.Many sugar workers at Blairmont have downed tools to highlight this problem since this could happen to any sugar worker. They have jointly promised to do so until justice is served to Jainauth.They are also calling for better treatment and care by the Public Health Care System.Since no help was forth coming, Davekumar Jainauth’s family and fellow cane cutters sought the help and support from the Alliance for Change.“AFC stands with these sugar workers and believe there should be no reason for sugar workers to down tools since production is vital to returning this industry to viability…However with such callous actions from the State and its Public Health System, the sugar workers have little other choice.”The AFC met with 300 plus sugar workers on Wednesday last and promised to do everything within its powers to help young Davekumar Jainauth.That meeting was attended by AFC Member of Parliament,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, David Patterson,Basket Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher, AFC Executive member Dr Ramayya and AFC Public Relations Officer Amar Panday along with the AFC Regional Coordinator for Region Five,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Pradeep Bachan.“The AFC believes that it cost the country more when sugar workers down tools than it would cost to care for Jainauth and thus is economically foolish for the PPP Government and Guysuco to grandstand on this issue.”The party says that although billions have been spent on physical infrastructure, the Health Care system still continues to grossly under-deliver for the Guyanese people.“Too much money continues to be wasted on bureaucracy and shady deals in the procurement process,Man Utd Kit 18/19,” the party said.

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