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Post Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:23 am

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…the problem is solely with governmentA Partnership for National Unity yesterday said that it would not take any responsibility for the recent sprawl in crime. Rather, it would lay the blame solely at the feet of government, said APNU’s shadow Home Affairs Minister Winston Felix.According to Felix, a former Police Commissioner, the problem is the incompetence of a government which has been in power for over 20 years and an incompetent Home Affairs Minister who has been there for six years and has done nothing.Felix opined that none of the programmes mounted by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has been successful. “In school when you did something right you would get a star from the teacher…Let’s see how many stars he would get,” Felix said.Felix explained that his party had taken a principled position against the minister when it voted and passed in parliament the no confidence action against Rohee.  “The Minister isn’t producing; the people are suffering so we threw him off…Why must we keep him? He was not being useful,” Felix stressed.Felix said that the police should first identify the areas that are more vulnerable to crime. He explained that over the past week from looking at the various incidents one could determine that the area targeted was the coastland.He said that there is need for more patrols to target those areas at certain times. Felix said that the force should also work on developing the intelligence system. “From looking at the crimes you would see that they are well planned and executed.”“I’ve been advocating where sensible counter police administration can be mounted,” Felix explained. He said that the force should engage the public to get support which is very critical. “We are experiencing a self satisfying situation with the government, but when we look at the people they still feel weak and vulnerable,” Felix added.He said that the government should exhaust all possible means to get the criminals off the streets.Felix also said that the force should try to enhance its investigative capacity. He said too that the force needs to keep its human resources rather than lose them to other fields of employ.Touching on the increase use of guns,Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys, Felix said the country’s porous borders are still the biggest challenge as they allow the freedom for weapons smuggling. “Because of the sprawling and literally no-police borders people come and leave easily without any fear that they will be caught. With that freedom people can bring in firearms and other illegal items.” Felix said.

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