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After losing one of his arms which was severed by the propeller of a small plane in Imbaimadai, Region Seven, 46-year-old Winston Francis is still in a critical condition at the Georgetown Pubic Hospital, High Dependency Unit.The accident occurred after 16:00 hrs Wednesday after Francis rode his motorcycle on the airstrip in Region Seven and collided with the landing plane.Imbaimadai farmer, Winston Francis, being taken into the Georgetown Hospital on Wednesday. At left is his wife.Reports revealed that the sound of his motorcycle might have contributed to blanketing the sound of the small plane, owned by private operator Bernard Singh.Officials from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority visited Francis at the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday but were unable to ascertain what exactly he was doing on the airstrip.Aviation officials said that from all indications, the pilot did not see him while landing the Cessna 206.Reports further revealed that the plane’s propeller was damaged and  the aircraft is still stranded at that Region Seven airstrip.The farmer’s entire left hand was missing and he also received severe chops to his head,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, ear and left leg.

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