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… as Whittaker announces low income housing for interior locationsThe Opposition Members of Parliament may require, “Budget Literacy Workshops,” according to People’s Progressive Party Civic Member of Parliament, Norman Whittaker,Cheap Liverpool Shirts Uk, during his presentation of the 2011 budget debates on day two.Whittaker told the House that he is enthused about the 2011 budget which is all about investment in the Guyanese people.According to the MP, the 2011 budget is evidence that the management of the economy by the government is “par excellence.”He said that this year there is no change in lyrics of the opposition; rather just new faces given that their portfolios have been reshuffledWhittaker questioned, “If the budget lacks so many things how is it that our economy continues to grow and inflation kept low against the global conditions?”This, he said,Wholesale Shoes China, is testimony to the fact that the government policies and programmes have been working.The PPPC MP said that the handling of the economy maintains focus on core values such as education,NBA Jerseys From China, health, social services, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as well as the party’s manifesto.Whittaker also announced that for the first time this year the low income housing schemes will be heading to interior locations.Whittaker said that the low income housing programme for hinterland is IDB-funded and the pilot project will commence shortly with villages in Region One and nine already identified.Each unit, he said, will cost in excess one million dollars and villages will make their contribution.He said that some 200 unit will be built or existing structures rehabilitated in the pilot project. Speaking to a criticism by his shadow portfolio about the failures of the government of the people at Morawhanna in Region One, which is also considered a port of entry,Wholesale MLB Jerseys Pro Shop, Whittaker said that it was the previous administration which ignored the village and caused such massive deterioration as a result of the rising tides.He said that nobody used to visit the area to see that it had eroded. “It is us that visited and a team asked the people to relocate.”Whittaker said that the people of Morawhanna,Borussia Dortmund Fanshop, on the advice of PNCR, refuse to leave.He said that the people themselves subsequently abandoned the village. He told the House that today only 10 families live in the Village.This newspaper had visited Morawhanna recently and was told by some of the residence that they feel as if the administration had forgotten about them.Morawhanna is a small fishing/farming community in the Barima River in Region One, close to the Venezuelan border.“It is as if Morawhanna is the village that the administration forgot,” he said on the condition of anonymity,Bvb Neues Trikot 18/19, citing a fear of victimization.A Hymac was transported to the community nine years ago, to improve the drainage and irrigation in the village but only worked for three days and has been parked ever since. Most of the critical parts of the Hymac have since disappeared.

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