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Post Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:02 am

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A teacher attached to a secondary school in Region Two (Pomeroon Supenaam) has been sanctioned by his headmistress for comments he posted on his Facebook wall. According to the teacher (name given), he made some personal comments about the school where he works on the social- networking site about a month ago. A few days later, the headmistress of the school confronted the teacher about the ‘ill’ comments about the school that were posted on the website, and the teacher admitted to being the author of the comments.The teacher posted, “(Name of School) staff mind other people’s business, if you wish to visit hell, visit (name of secondary school) on any working day”.The teacher, whose Facebook profile is open to the general public, suspects that one of his colleagues directed the information to the head teacher.The head teacher made an entry about the teacher’s comments in the school’s log book two Thursdays ago. The log book of a school contains the daily occurrences at a school,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, from teachers who are absent, to disruptions such as fights, etc. The headteacher also showed the teacher what she had entered in the log book. She warned him that she would forward a letter to the Teaching Service Commission.She then showed him the Table of Charges documents for teachers. He then requested a copy of the log entry made against him, but the head teacher refused to do so.The Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting Developmental Unit (MERD) of the Ministry of Education visited the school last week. The teacher said that many of the teachers of the school complained to the education officers about the head teacher’s ‘power drunk’ attitude.

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