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Post Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:24 am
When Jagdeo was de President he use to do all kind of things and when was time to vote, he use to wait till de last minute to dissolve parliament. He was a man who know how to milk every ounce of everything from de country. And dem boys mean everything.He teach Donald de trick, but poor Donald didn’t get a chance to even squeeze out de last two years of de presidency. Fuh one,Cheap Shoes Outlet, Jagdeo keep people away from de polls suh that poor Donald didn’t even get a majority.Dem boys seh that all of that mek Donald get vex and cuss up de other day. He cuss Jagdeo fuh mekking he lose de majority in parliament; he cuss de Opposition fuh putting pressure pun he and mek he get vex and set a date fuh elections.Now he get vex wid Priya because she sit down wid he when he was talking in de Cabinet and she didn’t open she mouth fuh tell he bout de exams pun election day.Granger get vex too. He vex wid Khemraj because dem mek Donald call de elections before he and he party could really prepare. Then he cuss Joe de Hard Man fuh jumping up and telling Donald fuh bring it on.Well dem boys hear when Donald call Jagdeo and ask fuh advice, de phone ring out, because Jagdeo looking fuh somewhere to live, suh he deh somewhere between Sri Lanka and Guyana.People would seh that Jagdeo got a big mansion here, but from de way things going, he mightn’t even got that house, especially if de election report is just like de one that Jagdeo write after de Sri Lanka elections.De other people pun de commission that Jagdeo lead write how de old Sri Lanka president hire he whole family, just like somebody we all know; he had money just like Jagdeo and some other people we know; he tek money from China just like Jagdeo and now he heading to jail just like—some people we know.Jagdeo did sign that report.Talk half and understand Donald worries.

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