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– only scamps and criminals change their names – Pres. RamotarAttractive election promises and wounding criticisms of the Opposition characterized the presentations delivered to a massive crowd yesterday during the political rally of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP C) at the Kitty Market Square.The barricaded section of Alexander Street Kitty was outlandishly decorated with red, yellow and black flags and banners encouraging the faithful PPP C supporters to vote for its Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar and Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elisabeth Harper.Donald RamotarThe relatively younger members of the current administration such as Charles Ramson jnr. and its latest addition, Africo Selman were also some of the feature presenters at the event.At the sound of Ramotar’s name, the audience seemed to be filled with joy and energy as they jumped and shouted his name for a few minutes.Ramotar,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, during his almost hour-long presentation described the strenuous task he faced in dealing with the joint opposition during the Tenth Parliament on several matters. These he said included the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill, the Budget, the Amaila Falls Hydro Project and the sugar and rice industry.He sent a strong message to the APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger that come May 11, “It’s game over.”“I tried to work with these people,” the President said but according to him this only proved to be a worthless and futile exercise. Ramotar said that government lived up to all its commitments made to the Opposition but they failed to honour the ones made.He emphasized that this was the behaviour of the APNU and the AFC before they got married. “At that time they were having intercourse in the toilet,” he said.Prime Ministerial Candidate Elizabeth HarperThe PPP C Presidential candidate said that he does not always respond to the “lies” fed to the citizenry by the Opposition party, but as it relates to the falsehood that the Opposition was never consulted on national issues, Ramotar said that this couldn’t be further from the truth.He stated that the government tried on several occasions to consult with the APNU and AFC and after making a decision on one thing, the Opposition would have a change of heart, shoot it down in the Parliament,Camiseta Barcelona 2018-19, and brazenly try to get the votes of the same people it tried to oppress.In citing several examples to cement his case,Air Max 270 Sale, he said that the Opposition said that it supports development of the Amerindian communities. But when the time came for them to walk the walk,Nike Air Max 1 Suomi, they disapproved of $1B for the hinterland people and are now, “trying to get the votes of those same people.”Ramotar highlighted that the APNU was against the $6B for sugar but is now saying that “sugar is too big to fail. It’s all an electoral gimmick.”He said that such “diabolical behaviour” is a crying shame. However, the President said that despite the aggressive attacks of the Opposition,Cheap Air Max Ireland, the country continues to make significant progress. This earned him loud cheers as supporters vigorously waved their, red, black and gold flags and big enamel cups on sticks.Ramotar then told his charged-up audience, “Only scamps and criminals change their names” which sent the crowd into a frenzy and earned him further applause of approval.Former APNU MPAfrico Selman addressing the PPP C rallyThe President promised that under the PPP C there is going to be more innovative plans to propel the development of the country. These include an Information and Communication Technology Park at Providence in the near future, Guyana becoming an oil and gas producing nation, the construction of a Specialty Hospital,Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro High Strap Black Red 3421XXXII-061, improvement of the University of Guyana and the building of the Amaila Falls Hydro Plant.The mere presence of his Prime Ministerial Candidate Harper at the podium also reenergized the crowd. The ambassador for women’s rights did not criticize the political opposition but promised the supporters that her party is going to take Guyana to a place of golden opportunities for all.Harper who was accompanied by her husband, former Guyanese cricketer, Mark Harper, spoke on the policies and programmes that will be specially crafted with women in mind. She was of course, elated to be speaking in her community, having spent most of her childhood years in David Street, Kitty.In speaking to the women at the rally, she told them that it is not the end of the world if they end up as a teen mom, as the PPP C is going to implement plans to help them achieve their goals in becoming successful and independent women.She called on the men to also join the fight in eliminating domestic violence and announced that the PPP C is going to establish a special crime unit so as to ensure victims of this social ill receive justice.The rousing renditions by the Shakti Strings Band were well received by the crowd as they sang along to covers of Allison Hinds’ “Togetherness” and Bob Marley’s “One Love”.Africo Selman, who served as a parliamentarian under the APNU shared with the audience the verbal and psychological abuse she claimed she endured under the Opposition party. She cautioned them to stay as far away as they can from the APNU+AFC.The moderator of the programme, Housing and Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali thanked her for setting her soul free while President Ramotar greeted her with an endearing kiss on the cheek for her choice and bravery after her speech.Attorney-at-law, Charles Ramson jnr. also charged up the crowd as he had them chanting, “Granger is danger!”Another speaker branded the Opposition as being –A Party Not United and an Alliance For Confusion and said, “They like to call us soup drinkers but I don’t mind because it means we were starving in their camp.”

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