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– Commissioner Greene The Guyana Police Force yesterday remembered 54 of its ranks who were slain in the line of duty with a commitment never to forget the sacrifices they made to ensure the protection of the lives and property of the citizenry.At a special wreath-laying ceremony as part of the Force’s 170th anniversary, Police Commissioner Henry Greene, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and relatives and friends of the deceased paid tribute to the men who are described as fallen heroes.Although dating back the year 1913, special emphasis was placed on the year 2003 when the majority of ranks were slain during a brutal crime wave that rocked the nation following the February 2002 escape of five dangerous criminals.Constable Trion Willie lays a wreath in memory of his brother Constable Ron Osborne who was shot dead by a gang of criminals while on duty at the Bartica Police Station in February last year. And while the police had previously vowed that the deaths of these policemen along with those who perished at Bartica last Year, will not go unpaid, it is evident that the job is almost complete.Since the last wreath laying ceremony, the security forces have slain most of the suspects of these brutal slayings, including notorious wanted men Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins and Jermaine ‘Skinny’ Charles who were eliminated by the security forces in august last year.Addressing those in attendance, Commissioner Greene said that the exercise is one that the force would have wished not to have to undertake.However, he pointed out that given the nature of the job of a policeman, these events could hardly be avoided.“How can we forget our fallen heroes? Slain for their country. How can we forget our brothers who were slain in 2003? Slain because they were policemen. How can we forget those who were slain before and after? Slain for just doing their duty. What a sad day in our country,” the Commissioner said.“How can we forget the pain and the suffering of the families left behind? How do we forget the pain and suffering of the children left behind? Thank God some of those children have come up and have done extremely well recently in their examinations,” Greene added.Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, who also addressed the gathering, said that the ceremony serves as a premier reminder of the dangers of policing.He observed that hardly a day passes without the receipt of reports of the killing of law enforcement officials in some parts of the world.He noted that Guyana has had its own experiences of the killing of law enforcement officers over the years.“During the first half of the current decade, the losses suffered by the Guyana Police Force as a result of murder committed on police ranks were most severe,” the Home Affairs Minister noted.He said that while there are elements in Guyana who would wish for the society to return to the dark days of the past, events such as yesterday’s wreath-laying ceremony will serve to enable the members of the security forces to rededicate themselves to ensure that those days are long gone and never to return again.He expressed appreciation on behalf of the government for the sacrifices that have been made by members of the Guyana Police Force over the years, especially during the recent past to maintain law and order.“This event serves as a reminder to the serving members of the force to give recognition to the ultimate sacrifices made by their fallen comrades,” the Minister said, adding that the government recognises the threats posed to law enforcement because of the changing dynamics of crime.Taking cognizant of this fact and the desire to improve the quality of policing in Guyana, the Home Affairs Minister said that several initiatives have been taken by the government in collaboration with other stakeholders both locally and overseas.This is also intended to improve the conditions under which ranks of the Guyana police force work.“To the surviving relatives of the deceased ranks, we in the government appreciate the sacrifices made by your loved ones,Asics Dynaflyte 2 Comprar, especially during the critical period of the history of the force after the year 2001. It is my fervent hope that you will draw strength from the fact that their efforts to protect our citizens have not gone in vain. To the members of the force, I understand the danger that may confront you from time to time in the execution of your duty, but you should however always remember the motto of the force is service and protect,” the Home Affairs Minister said.

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