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A poor family whose one bedroom house was vindictively demolished by members of the Housing Body, in Region Two, to facilitate the accommodation of a Region Three resident in early June, now occupies a shack at Charity Extension.The Housing Officer, in a report, had indicated that his office had served the family with several notices.However, 25-year-old, Dawn Smith, who had occupied the plot of land for the past decade, after being granted an allocation letter from the said Office of the Housing Officer is now forced to occupy a shack she now shares with her father,Liverpool FC Store UK, Ronald George, and her five small children.Smith, who is unemployed, depends on her father, George, who works in the Interior. Her five children aged two to nine, do not attend School and the circumstances under which she currently lives has been described as inhumane by Alliance For Change Councillor, Bohawanie Persaud, a/k”Solomon”.Persaud explained that Smith, her father Ronald George and her five small children occupied the plot of land a decade ago after they were issued with an allocation letter from the Housing Officer to erect a building that is to be used only for residential purpose.The councillor, who visited Smith after her house was demolished, said that efforts are being mobilized to initiate a down payment of some $40,000 on the plot of land but more needs to be done for the young woman, especially for her children.The family currently sleeps on a mattress with little or no room to properly dwell in. “It’s definitely an unhealthy situation; children are sleeping uncomfortably on the ground. Something needs to be done.”Several residents in Charity Extension have expressed a desire to assist the family with a decent home.Concerned residents are questioning why the truancy campaign has not been extended to Charity.

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