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Post Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:44 pm
Controversial highway death…Linden taxi driver, Damion Lindore, had multiple injuries which all indicate that he perished in an accident, rather than being battered to death as some have suggested, an official involved in the investigation said yesterday.The official’s views were related to Kaieteur News yesterday even as Lindore’s relatives and an alleged eyewitness known as ‘Bolo’ remain adamant that he was murdered.According to the official, the pathologist who carried out the autopsy stated that Lindore had “classic injuries” of an accident victim.Kaieteur News was told that there were “grazing abrasions” on the victim’s upper body, and on his back and legs.He also had a fractured skull and a fractured breast-bone. The breast-bone injury could have been caused by the steering wheel crushing the driver’s chest.Dead: Damion LindoreAsked about reports that persons could have battered Lindore to death and then staged the accident scene, the source said that none of the injuries Lindore sustained indicated that this was the case.Kemal McCalmont, who said he was with Lindore on the fateful night, has told police that they were travelling on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway when Lindore swerved from a dog.He alleged that the vehicle toppled over several times and that the driver succumbed from his injuries. McCalmont sustained minor injuries.But from the beginning, Lindore’s relatives voiced suspicion that he was murdered. His reputed wife claimed that he was wearing jewellery and had several thousand dollars in his possession that night.She said that the cash and jewellery had disappeared.The woman and relatives said that they were also suspicious that there was no blood in the ‘crashed’ vehicle.Police officials confirmed that they have taken a statement from a man who claimed that he had accompanied Lindore and McCalmont to an area on the highway to commit “an illegal act” some hours before Lindore was killed.According to the official, the man stated that they were confronted by another group of men, who prevented them from carrying out the act.Close associates of Lindore had told Kaieteur News that the taxi driver and others had gone to the area to strip a Dodge Ram,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, when they were confronted by a group of men.There are reports that the men apprehended one of Lindore’s friends, while the taxi driver and the others escaped.The pickup that Lindore was driving at the time sustained damage to the windscreen during the confrontation.It is alleged that Lindore and McCalmont were heading back to the area in another vehicle to look for the missing friend when he met his demise.Shortly after, police detained Mc Calmont, his brother, and a man known as ‘Bolo,’ after ‘Bolo’ allegedly told police that Lindore was beaten to death with an iron bar.

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