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“The faulty wiring of a lantern post caused a fire that burnt to ashes our Bourda market stalls,Cheap Jerseys, and yet,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) has not rendered even the trifling assistance in getting us back on our feet,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China,” Jean Rajnarine told Kaieteur News yesterday.Rajnarine went on to say that both she and her mother’s Bourda Market (sections K4) stalls were burnt to mere ashes and they suffered the huge loss estimated at $3M.The fire which occurred on Monday July 20,Alexander Mogilny Jersey, around 3am, was blamed on the poor maintenance of wiring on a GPL lamp pole.“An investigation that was undertaken by the Fire Service to ascertain the origin of the fire confirmed that the fire originated from the lantern pole outside,” Rajnarine said.The woman is even more frustrated with the fact that GPL has not been of any assistance whatsoever.When she filed the matter to the authorities of GPL she was given an indefinite answer and dates to return.“I been there only Monday last,Cheap Jerseys Supply, they had me waiting for two hours until they told me the person whom I would like to speak to is not in today,” Rajnarine expressed.Rajnarine is of the belief that the officials of GPL will not compensate her for her losses, even though the fire allegedly resulted from the faulty electrical pole outside her market stall.She explained that she was able to rebuild and resume her Bourda Market business with the help of loans from friends and family.“However, it’s hard to work and pay back,Jerseys NFL China, since business is slow and I still have to obtain the wherewithal for bills, clothes,2018 World Cup Russia Jerseys, mortgage and other necessities,” she stated.

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