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Forty-two year-old Jennifer Warden of 627 Half Mile, Wismar, Linden, has been remanded to prison after being charged with attempted murder. Warden made her appearance at the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Fabayo Azore.It is alleged that on Thursday, last, at Half Mile, with intent to commit murder, Warden inflicted grievous bodily harm on Ayana Noble,NFL Jerseys China, by throwing a lighted kerosene stove at her.She was not required to plead as the matter was indictable. She was represented by defence counsel Leslyn Charles.Charles made an application for bail to be granted at a reasonable sum, as she said her client was not a flight risk, and she has a fixed place of abode. She further stated that her client is a mother of one, has a grandchild and has no antecedents. Bail was nevertheless denied. The matter will be called again on December 15.Meanwhile, Ayana Noble remains hospitalized with extensive burns about the body. Noble had related in an earlier interview that the vicious attack was the end result of years of abuse and harassment, at the hands of people whom she has never wronged – her in-laws.Noble had said that she was on her way to work last Thursday when she observed the woman coming out of the street. “She was coming from my uncle; we were the only persons on the street, and her words to me was, ‘watch wheh yuh going, and don’t enter me path’, I say to her, this thing gone to another level now, you does torment me, and do all what you got to do to me, you gon meet me now on the road and want tell me all kinda thing.’Noble said that after she went in to work, she asked for a little time and stepped out of the office and made a complaint to the woman’s niece, who she would usually talk to whenever anything goes wrong in the yard. “I told her I fed up with this, and gon put an end to it.”The woman further related that she went home a little early on Thursday, and she confronted the woman, who lives in the same yard, and asked her, “man is wha I really do, I never pick up me bag and come here just like that, is yuh nephew bring me here. Wha yuh really want from me, this nonsense ain’t gon done? At the time she was at the pipe, I don’t know what she was doing.”Noble said her attacker subsequently went into her apartment, and in the space of five minutes, appeared at her window with a lighted kerosene stove and said move from me f***ing door and simultaneously threw the stove on her. Her clothes, she said, were quickly engulfed in flames and even after tearing them off there was still fire on her back. She was eventually saved from further injuries by her attacker’s niece, who she said threw a sheet over her and succeeded in extinguishing the flames.Noble was taken to the Mackenzie Hospital by the woman’s niece. Her attacker was subsequently arrested and taken into police custody.

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