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Several days have passed since 48-year-old fisherman Surujpaul Sookraj  left hisFisherman Surujpaul Sookraj (centre) flanked by his two daughters in happier times.lot 210 Mon Repos North, East Coast Demerara home to conduct fishing activities and his family have not heard from him since.They feared the worst after the boat captain’s wife delivered news to the man’s daughters that Sookraj “caught fits” on the vessel and fell overboard.The family was also told that others on the boat were unsuccessful in locating his body.Reports are that Sookraj left his home on January 13 with the boat owner, “Jerrick”, who was the Captain at the time,NFL Jerseys China, Jerrick’s son and another man, to travel to Port Kaituma.The family on Sunday, last, told Kaieteur News that the ship was taking items into the area to be sold and was also used as a fishing vessel.It was expected that upon the men’s return they would catch fish and bring it back to Georgetown to be sold.Amrita Sookraj, the fisherman’s older daughter, told this newspaper that on Friday, last, Jerrick’s wife telephoned her at 10:00 hrs to say that she was “coming across”.Kaieteur News understands that Jerrick and his family lived one street away from the Sookraj’s residence.Upon her arrival, the captain’s wife told Amrita and her sister that their father “caught fits” on the ship and fell into the water. The men on board the vessel were unable to locate the body.“She say how he catch fits and fall overboard and she say they not finding him and how she wanted his ID card with his birth certificate and the correct spelling of his name. We did not give her any documents. We went to the Beterverwagting Police Station and they sent us to Eve Leary where the report was made. I spoke with a Commander there who gave me a number for the Mabaruma Police Station and I called them,” said Amrita.The distraught daughter explained that when she contacted the officer(s) at the Mabaruma Police Station they told her that they were still conducting searches in the waters.The officers promised to notify her in the event that they locate her father’s body.At Sookraj’s home, yesterday, a number of neighbours, relatives and friends were gathered,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, to mourn with the man’s two daughters.This newspaper understands that the fisherman had been working at sea for over 24 years and never suffered any illnesses.“Our father worked for 24 to 25 years as a fisherman and this is the first time that he went with these people and this happen. He was never in any problems before with anyone he worked with. Our father was healthy, never suffered from no sick, he does only drink and so but he was healthy,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” said the other daughter.According to Amrita,Kurt Warner Cardinals Throwback Jersey, the captain’s wife had said two days after the vessel departed,Wholesale Jerseys, that Sookraj was standing at the end of the boat and pulling at the seine when he began to tremble.He quickly asked the men on board for some “sugar water” to drink.“If our father was showing signs of sickness on the 15th January,Cheap Jerseys, then why they continue to carry him out to sea and work? Why they didn’t turn around and come back or something? Why them wait until the 19th January when they claim something like, dad catching fits and falling overboard happen?”Sookraj leaves to mourn his two daughters and his mother.On Sunday evening, police ranks notified Amrita that they had found her father’s body and preparations were underway for her trip to Port Kaituma.However, information later received from the police revealed that the body that was found was not her father’s but another man’s, who was said to have “plunged to his death”.The Sookraj family is hoping that Surujpaul Sookraj’s body be located as soon as possible so that the final rites can be administered.

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