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The People’s Parliament has spoken out in defence of alleged robbery under arms accused, Romel Bollers, citing the strange circumstances under which it said the star witness in the Shaquille Grant murder trial was arrested.“They are claiming that the youth’s detention was a deliberate act to interfere and intimidate witnesses who giving evidence against murder accused, police officer Terrence Wallace.”From left with white shirt Fredrick Kissoon, Shonette Adams,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, Romel Bollers, Carol Bollers and Tyrone TalbortBollers was placed before Magistrate Leslie Sobers last Friday for an armed robbery allegedly committed on Amrita Bacchus. The youth was placed on $100,000 bail for reportedly robbing Bacchus with an ice-pick on December 3, relieving the woman of two cellular phones.Bollers and his supporters are however contesting the circumstances under which he was arrested. The Agricola resident said that on Wednesday last, he received a phone call at his home from a woman claiming to have a package sent to him from Trinidad and Tobago.“She said that somebody name Jermaine send some package from Trinidad and Tobago for me. I asked her if she sure cause I don’t know anybody name Jermaine from Trinidad and Tobago,” Bollers said. Bollers said that the caller insisted that the package was for him and that he should go to the Princess Hotel to collect it. Not being positive on what was happening, Bollers said that he told the woman that his mother and sister would collect the package, but the caller insisted that he (Bollers) should collect it.Later that day, Bollers said he convinced the woman to meet him at the Agricola entrance where he could uplift the item. As he walked to the main road, Bollers recollected seeing the Bagotstown woman whom he recognized, standing on the four-lane road, getting onto her cell phone.The next thing he noticed was a police van and police officers starting to advance him with guns drawn. Bollers said he became fearful and turned back into Agricola. When he heard guns cocked, he said he took off running, taking refuge in the nearby primary school.With guns still drawn, Bollers said the police stormed into the school. Some teachers from whom he sought aid placed their hands in the air and said, “Officers don’t shoot, don’t shoot.” With that, Bollers said he was arrested and placed in the police jeep.The youth said knowing that he is the star witness in the murder case, he informed ranks that he was scheduled to appear in the Shaquille Grant murder matter the following day. He however said he was ignored and thus missed the court session.In a special press meeting at the Red Thread Headquarters on Princes Street, the People’s Parliament condemned the police action calling it victimization and insisting that it was a “Disturbing and dangerous turn,” in the Shaquille Grant murder PI.Romel Bollers’s mother, Carol Bollers, said that the caller had been calling her home for prolonged periods trying to contact her son. She said she has no idea how the woman got her home number, but she declined to identify herself.Political and Human Rights activist, Fredrick Kissoon, said that the police action does not seat well with justice and the rule of law. He suggested that the incident is threatening the integrity of the Grant murder trial.Shonette Adams, Shaquille Grant’s mother, opined that the police are trying to kill the murder case by driving fear into the witnesses in order to have them abstain from court. Another witness, Jamal Henry, she said, expressed fear for his life and has stopped attending the court hearings.Tyrone Talbort, another member of People’s Parliament called on relevant stakeholders to condemn the police actions. He charged that people’s human rights were being jeopardized by being police targets. No citizen he said should have to adjust their actions or behaviour because of police harassment.Those protesting the police’s action believe that the act was no coincidence. They are convinced that the ranks acted in accordance to orders of top ranking persons. Bollers however said that he is not fearful of the police; he said he just wishes that he could be comfortable when walking the streets.Bollers is expected back at Providence Court of December 28.

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