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A 39 year old man from Amelia’s Ward is currently in a semi conscious state at the Georgetown Hospital, after being allegedly beaten by ranks from the McKenzie Police Station.Shawn Griffith, of lot 170 Amelia’s Ward, was admitted to the male surgical ward with a large cut to the head which carried 15 stitches. He was also receiving intravenous drips.Griffith alleged that he was struck on the head and about the body shortly after his arrest early yesterday morning.Divisional Commander David Ramnarine told Kaieteur News that Griffith had resisted arrest and sustained his injuries when he accidentally fell.According to the injured man’s father, Leonard Griffith, his son was picked up by the police shortly after 01:00 hrs yesterday.He explained that police arrested his son after someone alleged that his son had threatened them with a knife.“Some boy went and tell de police that he pull a knife on he, and de police picked him up,” the father related.The injured man said that as soon as he entered the police station the officers began hitting him about the body.the beaten man in the hospital yesterday“Soon I reach in the police station they started beating me in my head” Griffith said.The man further claimed that the ranks started to stomp him, even though he was crying out in pain.Eventually when the ranks were through they dropped him off at the McKenzie Hospital, without explaining to the nurses how he had sustained the injuries.Griffith was eventually transferred from the Linden Hospital to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he underwent surgery.Griffith’s relatives are now considering legal action against the ranks, who allegedly carried out the act.His father opined that if indeed his son did the act that was no way for the police to treat him.According to the father, his son, who is gainfully employed, has never had any previous trouble with the law.When this newspaper contacted the Divisional Commander, David Ramnarine,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he said that the matter is presently under investigation.According to the Commander, he was informed by ranks from the McKenzie Police Station that the incident stemmed from Griffith trying to resist arrest.Narine said that a policeman and his friend were at a disco when Griffith and the policeman had an exchange of words.He said that soon after a police patrol passed by and Griffith was taken into custody.Ramnarine said that Griffith, who was under the influence of alcohol, began to resist arrest after being told that he had to be placed in the lock-ups.The Commander added that he was informed that Griffith fell and hit his head on a sink at the station while struggling with the ranks.The commander said that Griffith was taken to the hospital and was later transferred to the Georgetown Hospital.He added that a full investigation has been launched and the findings would be made public.

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