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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – Contractors who continue to execute second class work in Region Six are to be blacklisted should the trend continue.Regional Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha said the Administration is monitoring a few cases which were pointed out by residents and is in the process of remedying the situation. He declined to name specific contractors but said these individuals who continue to produce substandard work have been warned.According to him, the procedure stipulates that no contractor would be paid unless the beneficiaries are satisfied and the job reaches the approval of the Regional Engineer.Last week the Administration opened bids for the construction of another 34 community roads. The areas are Angoy’s Avenue, Canefield,Jerseys Wholesale, Number Nineteen, Fort Ordnance, Fyrish Gibraltar,Wholesale Jerseys China, Hampshire Kilcoy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Rose Hall Town, John’s Port, Whim Bloomfield, Lancaster Hogstye,Wholesale Jerseys China, Bush Lot Number Twenty-eight,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Black Bush Polder, Number Fifty-one Good Hope, Number Fifty-two Seventy-four, Corriverton and Crabwood Creek.These roads are in addition to those done under the 2009 Capital Work Programme which should be completed within two weeks. An additional one hundred and thirty million dollars was allocated by the Office of the President Ministry of Finance for the roads. Consultation sessions were held across East Berbice Corentyne before these areas were identified.Mr. Mustapha said that his team would continue to involve the residents in all aspects of development and as such no contractor can be paid unless the beneficiaries sign a certificate of satisfaction upon completion of any project.The Region Six Works Committee,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, which comprises one member each from the People’s National Congress and the Alliance for Change and the remainder from the People’s Progressive Party Civic, are to visit the projects periodically to ensure that the contractors work according to specification. The jobs are also being monitored by the Technical Officers within the Administration.Mustapha said some ventures completed were not done according to requirement and during the past few weeks he has been meeting with some of the culprits in an attempt to reduce the occurrence of second class work.By way of his Regional Outreach Programmes contracts are now being signed on the spot where residents are allowed to have their say.

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