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SYDNEY, March 13 (Xinhua) -- The Australian market finished lower on Monday, with pressure from oil prices weighing heavy on the energy sector.

At the close of trade, the S&PASX 200 index was down 18.30 points or 0.32 percent at 5,757.30, while the broader All Ordinaries index slipped 16.60 points of 0.29 percent at 5,794.60.

""We experienced some modest losses today, after the market was up 0.8 percent last week,"" Commsec market analyst Steven Daghlian told Xinhua.

""Energy stocks were hit quite hard because oil prices have fallen to three month lows, but across the index, the losses were quite evenly shared through the sectors.""

On a day with not a lot of positive news for investors, gold stocks managed to perform well and were the big stand out.

The commonwealth Bank slipped 0.24 percent, National Australia Bank edged lower at 0.06 percent, Westpac was flat at 0.00 percent, and ANZ was down 0.19 percent.

BHP Billiton edged lower at 0.08 percent, Rio Tinto lost 0.32 percent, Fortescue Metals added 0.66 and Newcrest surged 4.63 percent.

Woodside Petroleum slid 1.06 percent, Santos dropped 1.67 and Oil Search lost 2.31 percent.

Wesfarmers slipped 0.36 percent and Woolworths fell 0.19 percent.

Qantas shares climbed 1.84 percent, Telstra lifted 0.22 percent, while CSL finished lower at 0.93 percent.


Download Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Download Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

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In the last decade Jordan Jenkins Jets Jersey , the Turkish cinema has basked in the light of filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan. With Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, the writer-director confirms his stature in a long, slow Darron Lee Jets Jersey , hypnotic film that explores the human condition through side glances and offhand remarks, caring very little about time, especially the viewer鈥檚 time ArDarius Stewart Jets Jersey , in eventless sequences without conventional action. Even the hardened press audience at Cannes burst out in nervous laughter when, almost 90 minutes into a film running over two and a half hours, the first plot point occurs.

It鈥檚 not just the length or the slow-moving storyline that makes the film difficult to access Marcus Maye Jets Jersey , but the extreme and unfamiliar way in which Ceylan deconstructs the story about the police looking for a dead man in the hills of Anatolia. When the body is at last dug up, themes of guilt and adultery come to the surface.Clearly this is festival material of a very high level, whose audience will be difficult to conjure up beyond the cognoscenti and patrons of black tie film events. At the same time Jamal Adams Jets Jersey , for those willing to take the plunge, it is a deep and haunting work that lingers in the memory.

Everything seems cut and dried as the film begins. Three friends are laughing together over a modest meal. A few days later, in a search that will last all night long Women's Darryl Roberts Jersey , two men are being driven around a remote rural area in two police cars and an army jeep. The squinting, silent Kenan (Firat Tanis) has confessed to murdering Yasar (Erol Erasian) and burying him, apparently with the help of the other man. Now the police chief Naci (Yilmaz Erdogan) has called prosecutor Nusret (Taner Birsel) all the way from Ankara to witness the discovery of the corpse. Everything must be done properly Women's Eric Tomlinson Jersey , dictated in bureaucratic lingo and drafted into a report.

The problem is that, as the searchers drive along deserted roads through the windy hills, stopping at likely spots that all look the same in the dark Women's Brandon Shell Jersey , Kenan fails to locate the grave. The night goes on and the men grow weary, along with many members of the audience. The party finally stops off in a village for refreshment and are served by the mayor鈥檚 beautiful daughter. Then it鈥檚 back to the hills to search for the unholy grave.

Various Facts About LED Lighting May 6, 2014 | Author: Luisa Sharpe | Posted in Marketing

People usually spend huge amounts of their savings on matters of electric power. This is now alarming to most people and they are trying to seek for other options. Reducing the amount utilized cannot be considered the perfect option as it is hard to achieve but cutting down on the utility is a better option. If you were to make use of LED lighting equipment that would be very effective and it plays a great role in the way people light their houses.

These items are reputable for their resilience and have become quite popular among environmentalists who claim that their role in environmental conservation is a great one. They are considered four times better than incandescent lights and are the most recommended among all models. LED lamps are said to be the better option if the comparison is between them and incandescent lamps.

Lighting of such a nature are generally cheap to operate but the main problem is buying the components associated with them. They are usually quite expensive and this could explain why people are very reluctant to make this change. It is however a good choice because it only uses about a third of the total energy that incandescent lamps use. If you for instance made this change Women's Wesley Johnson Jersey , you would bear that great cost of making the change but in the long run the savings you make will be a lot more than the ones of someone who did not change to this mode.

The environment gains as more people are introduced to the function. A half ton of carbon dioxide is restrained from getting into the ambiance by only a single bulb in its entire lifetime. Atomic wastes like sulfur oxide are also restricted from getting into the atmosphere as well. There are many advantages mostly to the environment because it stays unpolluted and can thrive on its own for a long time when it is kept safe from these discharges.

The environment undergoes revitalization when this lighting is used. The various harmful gases that could destroy it are reduced and people do not have to worry about what might ha.

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