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Scores of workers attached to Pritipaul Singh Investments Incorporated,Wholesale Jerseys China, downed tools yesterday claiming that their catch is being inaccurately weighed. They say that this is a deliberate attempt to cheatA section of the workers outside of the Pritipaul Singh Investments Inc. wharf yesterday.them of their earnings.According to Harold James,Cheap World Cup Jerseys, the underpayment would often cause workers to pay back large sums to the company, which would have advanced them for the previously declared weights.He claimed that this has been going on for quite some time now.He stated that after returning from sea, Captains would give an estimated weight of their catch which is based on the amount of shrimp-filled baskets seen. They will be paid immediately. However,Cheap Jerseys Supply, the weight is verified the day after, and any money paid in “over estimated weight” will be deducted from their next return trip.One crew member, Kevin James, pointed out that there are 28 boats that dock at the wharf,China Jerseys Free Shipping, with each boat comprising seven members.“If we bring in load and we call 10,000 pounds, dem say that we only get seven or eight thousand, after they verify. Now we got to pay back the extra money, so in that way we always got money for them…Then we have to work seven days a week. We only get one night home,” James said.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company,Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys, Pritipaul Singh, said yesterday, that his employees are being unreasonable.“The shrimp that they are catching is fine, not the usual fat ones, so the yield becomes poor… So when the shrimp fat we offer them 65 pounds a basket; when the shrimp fine, its 45 pounds per basket.” he said.Singh claimed that he usually calls on the Captains when verification is done, however, they often don’t show up. He went on to say that for the past four months,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the company is being run at a loss. He boasted that the company is the only company that provides groceries for their crews free of cost.“There is no other company that offers free groceries, and sometimes these crews (the strikers) often do not clear fuel money” he said.Asked if there would be any compromises on his part if the situation persists,Authentic Jerseys From China, Singh said bluntly, “Well the Captains need to get new crew members or l tie my boats up and we wait till the shrimps get big…”

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and harmony during this crucial transitional period.The media will obviously join civil society and GECOM’s Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) in denouncing the types of behaviour that compromise the peaceful environment so essential to this period. Indeed,Cheap Jerseys, the stakes are high and one cannot take for granted

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