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– made only of leather By Rehana Ashley Ahamad“Even though Guyana is art retarded,Adidas Superstar Shoes On Sale, we still make art and craft because it makes us happy.” Those were the words of one of Guyana’s artists, Ricardo Appiah.This very talented man has now teamed up with two other very artistic persons whom he describes as ‘gifted’. Together they have created what they proclaim to be Guyana’s newest masterpiece which they have named ‘Ultimate Images’.This  masterpiece is a mirror encased in leather.Jimmy Rambharose, one of the artists,Air Max 97 Silver Bullet 2018, explained that the masterpiece is not just the mirror; rather, it is what is surrounding the mirror. While the finishing product may feel and seem like wood, he assures that no wood was used.Rookmin Ramnarayan Rambharose and Kemran ‘Jimmy’ Rambharose have been into art for 26 years now. Appiah has been in the business for as long as 46 years. The trio said that they have put in much hard work and sweat as well as their entire heart into creating this piece.(From left ) Masterpiece, Rookmin Rambharose, Kemran Rambharose and Ricardo Appiah.He added that if one were to see the object at a close range they would realize that it is strictly handcarved, with distinctive features which he says represent the six races of Guyana.Appiah man detailed that the roof of the clock is styled to resemble some Chinese homes and places in China. Below the roof,Air Max 97 Womens, he says, is an Indian architectural design.The arch was inspired by some buildings in Africa as well as some Amerindian and European carvings.At the bottom where he pointed out drawers,Undefeated Air Max 97 For Sale, he says has Egyptian and other African writings. Everything it is made of matted leather. The hooks holding up the mirror are patterned to look like the famous Egyptian made ones.The man further noted that the two pockets at two sides are braided leather,Nike Off White The Ten, while the drawings inside are of Portuguese origin. Apart from these Mr. Appiah noted that there are many other hidden features that only an artistic person may recognize.“While Guyanese may not see the true worth in an item like this,Air Max 90 Black And White Womens, the international market may value this as a true masterpiece as it was made from scratch by hand” Rambharose told Kaieteur News.This publication was made to understand that the piece can be passed on from generation to generation as it is made of pure leather which will never rot or deteriorate in any way.Peter Vieira, an art critic told this publication that he would truly describe the object as a masterpiece. However he described the mirror in the middle as the only thing that is common, and will therefore make people look at the piece as a simple mirror.Rookmin Rambharose told Kaieteur News that they are hoping to use the money obtained from the sale of ‘Ultimate Images’ to organize an exhibition of their own, as they plan to make a hundred other exclusive and unique pieces at least by the end of this year and hope to be able to host the event at the Pegasus Hotel.The trio whose shop is named ‘Leather Arts and Designs’ and is located at  306 Independence Boulevard, La Penitence, Georgetown made clear that they were advised by a prominent businessman to even insure their Masterpiece. (Rehana

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