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Post Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:30 pm

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People talking in whispers. Bar Rat very greedy. Dem seh that if he wasn’t greedy he wouldn’t have stay quiet while everybody talking bout he pension.Dem boys seh that he tek enough. When de Bill guh to Parliament he instruct Rob-Bert to vote fuh de Bill because one day he gun be president too. Rob-Bert vote and Bar Rat end up wid a big pension. Is de pension mek people seh that he greedy.Dem seh that if he was a proppa man he would tek $20 a month because he already tek enough fuh he siblings and all he great-great-great niece and great-great-great nephew and even he great-great-great-great descendants.He tek enough fuh he friends grandchildren too. That is wha dem boys seh.This is de man who never jail anybody fuh corruption and who always asking people fuh bring de evidence. Dem boys seh that is all de corruption that he know bout and watch that people now calling he garbage.Rajendra claim that as Chief Garbage Collector,Cheap Jerseys, he lef a good amount of garbage in Ohh Pee. Well dem boys seh that it woulda be too much fuh he fetch.Dem boys seh that is not a good thing fuh people wash dem mouth pun you. But is de same man does spite people and mek dem lose money. A man go to Ohh Pee fuh he old job and de message come that eh can’t wuk there because he is not one of we’. Is de same thing wid de laptop gyal who end up going away and now she ain’t wukking nowhere.Anyhow,Jerseys From China, dem boys seh that he going home and that people gun pass he pun de road like if he don’t exist. That gun be de greatest embarrassment and all because he endorse corruption just like how people does endorse a political party.

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