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The Guyana Police Force in a recent press release indicated that since the period of January to July 2013 there have been a total of 61 deaths on the country’s roadways thus far, six of which involved children.According to the report, compared to the 2012 report, for 2013 there has been an increase of fatal accident by 18%, an increase of death by 20%,Cheap Jerseys, and a 200% increase of road fatalities involving children.However, there was a decrease in serious (17%), minor (14%) and damage (26%) accidents for the year thus far. During the period mentioned, the police have recorded a total of 162 accidents of a serious nature, 213 minor accidents and 358 damaged accidents.Speeding according to the police, was recorded as the number one cause out of three for road fatalities, with a total of 43 accidents caused by speeding drivers. Inattentiveness was recorded at a total of 14, while failing to conform to a sign had only one report.According to a chart, categories of road users killed between January 01 and July 31, 2013 were; 21 pedestrians, 11 motorcyclists, 10 pedal cyclists, 7 drivers, 6 passengers who were in motor cars, 3 who were in motor lorries vans, two who were pillion riders, and one who was a passenger of a minibus.During the seven-month period so far, a total of 87 vehicles were involved in accidents – with a total of 27 private cars. Apart from hire cars,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys, a total of 13 motor cycles,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 10 pedal cycles, nine motor Lorries, nine hire cars,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, eight mini buses, three motor tractors & trailers, three motor vans and one motor jeep were recorded in that category.In the release, police said that traffic enforcement has so far resulted in a total of 50,530 cases against motorists for breaching the traffic laws during the period January 01 to July 31, 2013. Some of the offences and number of cases made were: Speeding – 12,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,842; Breach of Condition of Road Service License Music – 1,675, Driving under the influence of alcohol – 321,Baker Mayfield Jersey, Using cell phone while driving – 601, Breach of Traffic Light Signal – 903, Tinted Motor vehicles – 722, Unlicensed Driver – 847, Fail to wear Seat Belt – 1,607; Dangerous Driving – 573, Careless Driving – 202, Fail to Wear Safety Helmet – 193, Overload Minibus – 5,682, Obstruction – 4,066 Fail to Conform to Sign – 3,816 and Crossing Double Yellow Line – 3,349.

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