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Post Fri May 18, 2018 7:44 am

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The General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee, yesterday, once again, lambasted Mayor Hamilton Green for his inadequate performance.PPP General Secretary, Clement RoheeRohee’s utterances came as he lamented the fact that the La Repentir cemetery is in its worst state ever. The General Secretary referred to the facility as a jungle and questioned how the grave diggers manage to do their jobs.Rohee told media operatives that Guyanese should not sit back and accept the state of the City.He said, however, that he understands that the younger generation “just doesn’t know better. They haven’t seen better in Guyana so they accept it as the norm.” It all happened under Green’s stewardship as Mayor, the General Secretary said.“Perhaps if he had used his qualifications to do the job he was elected to do, the newly appointed Town Clerk Carol Sooba’s appointment may not have been necessary.”He said,Cheap NBA Store, too, “It is no secret that Green has been spearheading the attacks to discredit and disqualify the newly appointed Town Clerk. The opposition claims that she is unqualified to hold that position.“The City of Georgetown has been transformed from the “Garden City of the Caribbean” to the “Garbage City” under his stewardship… so much for “qualification”. The PPP is convinced that the real fight to rid the Council of Carol Sooba has nothing to do with her qualifications or ability to perform the duties of Town Clerk, but rather, her stand against the high level of corruption within the Mayor and City Council.“The Mayor must be cognizant of that. Very often, the Mayor takes advantage of the freedom of the press to write letters on every other subject but the despicable garbage pile-up in the City which falls under his area of responsibility.”

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