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The absence of Magistrates in Berbice on Friday stalled proceedings in the various courts. A few of them turned up,Cheap Jerseys China, but only to conduct calls over. Litigants were turned away in disappointment. It was later learnt that the Magistrates had to attend an important meeting in Georgetown.Residents, who turned up at the various courts, expressed their disappointment.  Residents stated that at least the court system could have shown them some respect; they should have been informed via the media that there would be no court.Many travelled for many miles to be in court, some from the riverain areas of Corentyne, Berbice and Canje River areas.   Litigants stated that on court day you have to be present or else there could be problems.Persons take time off and some even absent themselves from work. Others will travel from overseas; travel out from the Interior or wherever they are, to be in court.A number of matters were fixed for decision, while some people were due to give evidence. Others are in custody pending charges and were to appear in court for the first time. Their relatives now say that their continued incarceration would put a strain on the police to keep them in custody past the stipulated 72 hours.

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